Soufriere Sand & Ballast Co. reaches agreement with NWU

Soufriere Sand & Ballast Co. reaches agreement with NWU

Workers within the construction sector employed with Soufriere Sand & Ballast Co. Ltd. will be working with their first industrial agreement.

This brings an end to months of negotiations between the company and the National Workers Union (NWU).

The new industrial accord which runs from January 2013 will be of three years duration.  Workers will enjoy a seven percent general wage increase in year one and four percent in year two.  The parties will monitor the performance of the company’s operations during the third year to determine whether an increase could be afforded in year three.

The package also provides workers with a regime of fringe benefits, improvement in general working conditions and health and safety equipment in keeping with the Occupational Health and Safety Legislation.

The company and the NWU have exchanged the final draft of the agreement in preparation for official signing.

Soufriere Sand & Ballast Co. Ltd. operates in the Soufriere belt.


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  1. You are only showing a two year deal what happen to year 3 iam watching u. they have no 3 year deal be honest with your people u can reply to my comment


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