Soufriere police destroys marijuana


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On Saturday, February 23, 2013, officers attached to the Soufriere Police Station conducted an eradication exercise on a plantation at St Phillips, Fond St Jacques, Soufriere.

During the eradication, a total of 4,007 fully grown marijuana plants were uprooted. In addition, three bags of compressed marijuana were recovered.

The said drugs were destroyed by using fire.

No one was arrested in relation to this incident.

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  1. dem police are USELESS - plain and simple - nothing better to do than to destroy the creation of JAH - but FATHER JAH JAH not blind - HIM see all they r doing to destroy his creation - man burning herbs for no reason will eventually pay for their sin!!!!!

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  3. They sell half the weed already.volair yo yay.I won't forget they shot my cousin but that's the last shooting cause their arms are rottening one by one so they can't shoot any more watch and see

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  5. Legalise it. In weed we trust .don't know why they are after nature .they burn it,next thing they selling it all..Satan

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  7. You're positive that's the rest weed killer?....or some older pics,don't be fooled by pics dummie.

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  9. lester check on fb on st.lucia news online you will see the rest

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  11. Inhale? We destroyed all..... Less for the streets and those that influence the youngsters to take it

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  13. Let me know when they burning it so I could come round and inhale the sweet smell.

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  15. we going to destroy something that if grown and use properly it can erase our national debt, and we proud of this smfh

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  17. Thats all they're showing that they're burning?...Where's the rest of it?.hmmmm

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  19. Nah man!!!! After all that hard labour..


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