Soufriere cops to get new sleeping quarters

Soufriere cops to get new sleeping quarters
Soufriere Police Station
Soufriere Police Station

The sleeping quarters of officers attached to the Soufriere Police Station will soon be relocated.

The sleeping quarters is currently housed upstairs Archie’s building which is located obliquely opposite the Soufriere Police Station on Bay Street. It was relocated there last February after the police station was deemed a “serious health hazard” by a health and safety officer of the Labour Department. The problem had reportedly already begun to affect the health of the officers.

However, the bottom floor of the police station continues to be used for policing duties.

According to law enforcement officers, their sleeping quarters will be relocated upstairs the old Bank of St. Lucia Building on Bridge Street because the first floor of Archie’s building will soon be transformed into a bar.

“When the bar becomes operational, we expect there to be a lot of noise… obscene language by drunkards and other activities which will disturb our sleep,” a law enforcement officer told this reporter, on condition of anonymity.

Commissioner of Police Severin Moncherry has already assessed the condition of the sleeping quarters where the officers currently occupy.

About 35 officers are stationed at the Soufriere Police Station.

Archie’s building is located in an area where there is always a hive of social activities, especially on weekends.

Archie’s building

Work has already begun on the old Bank of St. Lucia Building to relocate the officers who say they are eager to be relocated.

In the meantime, the officers have no idea when rehabilitation work on the Soufriere Police Station will commence.


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  1. The public pay for officers to sleep lol..

    I really thought it was only fire man that was allowed to have sleep!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. No respect for police in st.lucia . Money can be spent on other stuff , but not for the safety of our citizens.


  3. A serious Health Hazard...But yet still Archi'es building will be transformed into a Bar. ...This build is contaminated and Harzardous.It should be demolished....And these policemen should abandon this building Asap....Their Health comes first.Work should be commenced right now.


    • Idiot!! Read first then write. The police station was considered a health hazard, not Archie's building. You're welcome!! Smfh


    • I'm from Soufriere...and no, Archie's building isn't a health hazard. The police station is the where the health hazard exists. It seems like persons who have zero knowledge of Soufriere are the ones commenting. By the way, Archie's building had ALWAYS been a restaurant & bar. The bar located downstairs was closed way before the police moved in to the upper floor, which used to serve as the owner's residence and later as guest rooms for travelers seeking cheap accommodation. Right now, the police only occupy the top floor as sleeping quarters but the unoccupied ground floor actually still has the whole bar set-up just as it was before it's not really a transformation the way I see it, but more of a re-opening of Archie's bar under new management. So there you go folks!


      • There is a electrical hazard compounded by a flooding issue at the archie's building. The government appointment technician has deemed the building unfit for use more than once but no action has been taken to relieve the officers in this mess. Only in soufriere will officers tolerate this level of disrespect, disregard and danger


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