Soufriere businesswoman refuses to leave

By Kingsley Emmanuel

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A resident of Soufriere is fuming over what she say is the manner in which the Soufriere Regional Development Foundation (SRDF) is trying to bulldoze her off the Hummingbird Beach where she operates a small shop for over 20 years.

Fedelis Francis said that on Wednesday, Jan. 10, the SRDF ordered her to vacate the area by Friday, Jan. 12, to make way for the commencement of the Hummingbird Beach project, which is expected to last for three months. She said she was told by officials of the foundation that if she does not move her property by Friday, it will be bulldozed off the area.

However, up to early Saturday morning, Jan.13, she continues to occupy the area, and according to her, has no intention of moving.

“I will not move from the area,” she said, with a trace of emotion in her voice.

According to Francis, she wants the SRDF to give her the assurance in writing that she will be given a booth to operate her business in the area after the project is completed.

“I want them to give me a letter to say that I will be given a booth after the project is completed…because they can say they never promised me anything after the project is completed,” Francis said.

She added that she is prepared to lease an area in the vicinity of the beach until the project is completed.

“When the project is completed it’s their friends who will be given booths,” Francis said.

She said operating a shop is what she does for a living, and needs to be treated with more regards by the SRDF.

Francis said she helped to uplift the Hummingbird Beach by planting trees on it.

Some of her customers, who were present at the time of this interview, told this reporter that they too have a problem with how the SRDF has treated Francis.

Another resident said he will not be surprised if the project does not commence next week, adding that about three months ago, a few trees were cut down in the area to make way for the commencement of the project, which never took place.

According to the resident, who described himself as a beach lover, he is not too happy with the SRDF’s intention to destroy trees in the area, adding that it will make the beach look too “Rodney Bayish”.

“Trees add to the beauty of any beach,” the resident said.

Efforts to reach Jimmy Haynes, executive director of the SRDF, for comments on the matter were unsuccessful.

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  1. maysia cant you see the booth behind the woman in the picture is that how we want our beaches to look
    lady make way for the people to develop the place
    the beach does not belong to you
    20 years on the beach does not mean that you are entitled
    there is nothing like entitlement by prescription check out our laws
    letter of assurance who does that its what you bring to the table, there are other people who wants to make a living too
    when the time comes convince the people that you are deserving of a booth with what you proposed to sell
    as for you laborites making those silly remarks ,thats you all nature anti development
    left to you laborites alone columbus would return to this country and still make it out
    thats how stalemate you are

  2. So tell me when you bullduz this woman place where she going? This is her living here life . All she is asking when the project finished is will bell getting her spotted back? Why is it the big fish like to kill the small fishes? This is not fear if this was any other country blood woll past do you people know what is 20 years? Days gos in to weeks and weeks gos into mouths and mouths gos into years . You see st Lucia stand together and fight. Stop looking at others and fight how long will you have people government walking on you ? This is unfair to this woman . Take it or leave it. Yes am not saying development can't happened the question is will she getting a spot or her spot back? Look at Vige beach the had one woman used to sell there the mash up the place build new huts and new people get them that woman where are she today and what the doctor her? So please don't talk about development is who getting the icing on the cake?

  3. I know this lady for a long time way back since the early 2000's. When they are brining in development and whenever poor people standing up for their rights just to make a living and survive everybody who is not in her shoes or better off quick to say "THEY IGNORANT AND AGAINGS DEVELOPMENT". The poor woman not saying anything against any development all she is asking is surety to a stall after the development is done and in all fairness after been there for 20yrs she should be entitled, but we know how it goes already everything is politically connected just like if you want to set up shop at the airports it's not that easy there is not a "process " it's not who you know but who you blow. Stay strong my sister.

  4. you damn right its high time these people start respecting us on our beaches. the beach belongs to saint lucia and the saint lucians so how the hell you want to mash up the woman living and to make it worst if she moves how will she be guaranteed that she can come back to make a living there.

  5. All them small people need to go for real development to happen. Thank God we have a PM that knows how to do that.

  6. New Testament Verse of the Day:

    "Dear woman," Jesus said to her, "your faith is great. Your request is granted." And her daughter was instantly healed.

    –Matthew 15:28

  7. Leave for the project to commence.

  8. Does Allen have plans to sell off the Beach to a foreigner? Has DSH expanded to Soufriere? Are you a red voter? Are you in conflict with the alleged thief?. I just have may questions.....will one of the apologist respond.


  10. So sad that a organization full of bureaucracy and favoritism would not promise a 20 yr veteran some security with her business, and how she will get money to support her family. We all know how cut throat lucians it can be when money is involved.

  11. To whom it may concern

    Soufriere foundation and whoever has a wonderful idea, we the people of Soufriere believe in improving our town but not taking our basic,s from us you guys have played politics with our town for too long. Our square has become a forest in the middle, our hospital
    no longer exists and now our one one only local hangout when we go to the beach is being frettened by the Government for their own political gain ,you guys need to figure out how to incorporate this lady and your new and improved beach so that we the local can enjoy the benefits not to mention who will enjoy the the profits which will speak for itself as usual. Stop the politics, if a person cannot put someone out of their house after a certain amount of time who give you the right to bulldoze her place after 20 yrs , the law is double standard , People speak our for town.

  12. Jimmy. ...what is your problem your ego.are you bigger than your maker..your c'mon the lady been there for 20 loooooon her way and means of living..dont abuse your power..and you must remember that..what ever wrong you do it will come back too chew you 20 times harder..heartlless..inhumane human being

  13. SRDF....St.lucia my people do qhat is right rhis poor citizen of St.Lucia has been occupying this spot for 20 years please,please have a least please give him the assurance that he will retain his spot how hard can that be 20 years Father Jesus my people St.lucia...Can we all just get along.. Everybody have to eat.

  14. I agree...f*ck this government and chastenet...i voted for them and I REGRET...AM NOT VOTING AGAIN CAUSE SLP IS NO BETTER!

  15. Which one you rather

    I agree with the lady; 20 years she deserves first priority when the booths are being leased. Why url giving yo get Jimmy Haynes I thought he was dismissed and is brought to court by the Association?

  16. Now I know some "defenders" will be quick to make the case in the name of development. But I ask: must the poor or small person always suffer in the name of development? Can we not have development that benefit all or the majority? Is that the way a rich or influential person would have been treated to make way for the development? I applaud this lady for standing up. Though poor, her brilliance shows: she has been there for 20 years, give a temporary alternative space and a commitment in writing to get a booth. Bravo, Madam. St. Lucians would be quick to talk about Rosa Parks, You are a Rosa Parks in your own right. Stand Up!!!!

  17. Why are these labourites so anti development. Pretty soon we may have to construct a zoo for these SLPs

    • All she needs is confirmation that she'll get a booth. Slp or wup no matter. She never said she didn't want development. Would you just leave if you were in her shoes?


  18. We have the same in Marigot, hotel owners and the authorities pushing vendors off the beach. Just pure greed at the expensive of the poor man.

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