Soufriere bar owner alleges police abuse

Soufriere bar owner alleges police abuse

A 32-year-old female is claiming that she was physically abused by two male police officers today at her bar – Cheaperz – located in Soufriere.

A relative who requested anonymity told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the owner, Carshiner Clavier, was reportedly abused by the police officers during an arrest, which all began as a simple issue.

The relative said the incident stemmed from Clavier placing a few empty crates on double yellow lines on the road next to her bar, in order to secure a spot for the Windward and Leeward Brewery Ltd truck to offload her delivery of drinks.

“This usually is common practice by all bar owners in the area and the police never seem to have a problem with this temporary measure until today,” the relative said.

According to her, the two male police officers proceeded to remove the crates without the knowledge of the bar staff and as soon as they realised that the crates were removed, the staff placed it back.

The staff thought that it was removed by someone in the area, who was just up to mischief.

It was only after two policemen from the Soufriere Police Station entered the bar and asked Clavier to remove the crates, it was established that they were the ones who had removed it in the beginning.

The relative said Clavier explained to the police that she has been doing that for years and no one never interfered with her. This sparked an argument between her and the two policemen.

The relative said the officers were already under the impression that the bar owner was aware that they had initially removed the crates from the yellow lines and was upset that it was put there again.

It is alleged that one of the male officers rushed in behind the bar and grabbed Clavier from her top and wrestled her to the ground and in the process exposed her breasts.

A scuffle ensued and Clavier was allegedly rammed into a door and dragged outside.

The relative said: “In full view of the public with her blouse almost ripped off her body exposing her half nakedness, she was then taken to the police station where she is being detained.”

Clavier’s bar is equipped with six CCTV cameras. However, it is unclear if the cameras were on at that time. The family hopes to retrieve the video image and provide it to the authorities, revealing the truth.

Clavier’s brother was also arrested for allegedly standing up for his sister.

Meanwhile, a senior officer of the Soufriere Police Station told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that he is unaware that his officers physically abused Clavier.

The inspector said the officers reported that Clavier was abusive towards them and even tore off their uniforms.  She is expected to be charged with damage to property and causing obstruction.


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  2. All u pple out there saying shit like police doing their work its because u are a bunch of jokers/u sleeping with them/u are part of them....its high time lucians put right where right is.... No one would want their family companion,mother,daughter,nice,etc to be treated like that.....BS in lucia .....and when police go n sick out for a week who's lose....less weed will be stolen....chups


  3. That's just police on the hold... They enjoy taking advantage on others..all police are dogs..all they do is cover up for each others wrong doings....shame on them


  4. i saw the footage those crates were never on double marked yellow line they where placed in front of it. i know she is smart enough to not hv placed them on the line. i wonder if at the time a vehicle was parked there if the officer would left up the vehicle and put it on the sidewalk. as a matter of fact she was doing their job for them cus b4 they use to put a cone there for her and they stopped cus they probably hv better things to remember. and another thing if is now the police realize she's doing that i guess theyre not doing their job cus this has been happening for the longest while. i hope next thursday the officer remembers to do his job by placing a cone there to prevent any further drama. cuz the truck definitely need somewhere close enough to offload.this is the bar who orders the most drink in soufriere town i dnt under stand y there isnt an offloading zone there.and i am aware she has ask for one and the officer gv her sm craping respond.


  5. And for those of you who claim that she acts that way because her child's father has money, and those who support that statement, how many of you can say that you don't have to dog behind your child's father for a little $50 a month? Or can say that you can get money to feed your child anytime, anywhere, no matter what the circumstances? I know she can.


  6. bullshit alone ur'll talkin... ur'll eh no my mother.... crap alone.... soufriere ppl jus jealous of my mother as ur'll cannot fit in the same shoes as her chpz tonz
    i'm out of here


  7. This whole situation is just so ridiculous. We have people dying everyday and instead of focusing on what really matters, they focus on petty things. I understand that placing the crates in a "no parking" zone wasn't a smart move, but as she rightly said, she is not a mind reader. In turn, the police officer acted too swell-headed. All that "put the crates back again" bullshit is just bullshit. Have they no humanity? The least they could have done was to allow the woman to cover up herself. Someone posted a comment saying something like "She jumped carnival in PANTY and BRA" That's a whole load of crap. She didn't jump carnival. Both sides are wrong, because I know for a fact that some people went in to give a statement at the station and they were sent away. Their statement was not taken. I believe that the police officer holds more wrong, because if it were his mother, sister, cousin, god-mother or even his friend, he would have had a serious problem with what transpired. All those of you who claim that she has a "disgusting" attitude, all you've done is proven that you don't know this lady. She is kind hearted and gives willingly. Perhaps you don't like her because she didn't give you credit?


  8. St. Lucian police must be taught be more professional in conducting their duties. They must learn to be respectful, stern and polite when dealing with the average citizen.


  9. its about time somebody do something with them Soufriere police... if the girl offered them rum they wud be sure to leave the crates on da lines