Soufriere apartment ransacked, important iMac and other items stolen

Soufriere apartment ransacked, important iMac and other items stolen
Sampson's ransacked bedroom.
Sampson’s ransacked bedroom.

If you stole Ann-Marie Sampson’s 21.5-inch iMac desktop computer or bought it, she has a birthday wish: return it without fear of being prosecuted.

Sampson’s house was burglarised on Monday, July 21, and though she lost many other items, the iMac is key to her home-based job as a virtual assistant. If the computer is returned, it would be the ideal gift for her birthday this Friday.

Sampson, a British resident of St. Lucian parentage, said though she has pertinent data stored on a cloud server – accessible from any computer – the iMac still contains important files.

“That’s my work. I am a virtual assistant and it’s a bit difficult without the computer,” she said.

She also cautioned: “It’s an iMac, it’s trackable. I haven’t tracked it yet … but anybody buying it, these things can be tracked now so they shouldn’t buy it from the person.”

Sampson believes her apartment, located on Boulevard Street, Soufriere, was broken into Monday night while she was in Castries attending Carnival.

“I was due to come back Tuesday night but I got a call Tuesday morning from a neighbour who said my window was open,” she said.

The intruder/s gained entry through the kitchen window that has no burglary bars – just a mosquito net. The window was not broken.

Sampson’s bedroom was ransacked. Among the stolen items were a Blackberry cell phone, television, DVD player, Nikon Coolpix camera and about $450 in coins.

“I counted them (the coins) and put them in 20-dollar packs but hadn’t gotten around to [banking] it,” she said.

Sampson said she believed the intruder/s thought she had money because of her foreign connections.

“My bedroom was absolutely ransacked… They went through every paper… I don’t have stuff, they think I have money, but all they got were the coins,” she said, noting that the computer, television and DVD player were stolen without the cords.

Sampson, who has been living in St. Lucia for eight years, said this is the second time her home was broken into. The last time was on Christmas night 2013. She had just returned home from her neighbour when she saw the thief.

“He jumped through the window,” she said.

The man stole her cell phone but dropped the camera outside the window as he escaped.

Sampson plans to get burglar bars, but in the meantime she is appealing for the return of her desktop.

Even her family is pushing for her. A cousin posted a message on Facebook.

“I beg you please send this message to your friends. The police can’t help! We think it’s someone from the area or someone who knows her,” the cousin said in the post.

She added: “The IMac is her daily bread. She is a secretary and works from home often. Please, please, please help! If everyone I sent this to in turn sends it to all their friends from Soufriere, somebody will know something in a town so small. Please send me a message in my inbox if you know anything or call the police if you think that will be best. Please help us. Do not reply on this thread, search my name and send the message privately to me. Thank you so much. Ann-Marie lives near the basketball court. She needs the computer, most of all her work is on there. Her birthday is on Friday, help her have a happy birthday, even if it’s only the computer she gets back. Thank you.”



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  1. Please bring back her computer so she can rnjoy her birthday......n I pray the police catch that thief


  2. I honestly think she should have it tracked and let the law deal with the culprit,let them know what technology can do.You my dearest lady you will enjoy your birthday,please have no partial on the thief cause they steal our things and sell themm for next to nothing.


  3. Those thieves in St. Lucia do not have a soul. Many of them do not even have a good education. They either sell the stolen items or if they use them. Their remarks on blog prove how poor they are in English and how ignorant they are.


  4. i pray that that thief would be extremely troubled and he/she will place that computer in a place that can be found. U stealing so much you stealing the medium by which someone makes their bread. May you be moved to do the right thing


  5. This is a sad case. She needs this particular item for her job and she is being forced to do without it. In this day and age, one has to protect his/her job because jobs do not come easily. I wish that scumbag gets caught quickly before he destroys the evidence. Wish you luck girl. One thing is certain, those parasites are definitely not harmless.


    • If she has her computer configured properly, the moment someone connects to the internet they will find them.


  6. I hope u get ur stuff back my lady. But these dirty bastards have no heart so ur best bet is the person or persons they try to sell it to snitch. Good luck! Get ur burglar bars. My apt was robbed once its not so much what they took is how I felt. Imagining some dirty bastard going through my personal stuff.


  7. Lets hope the scum that did this get found, I hope this lady gets items back, I got all my stuff stolen a few years back, they stripped the house, I only got a few items back. Lets just hope if nothing else does, Karma gets them.


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