Teenage son accused of burning mother’s house in Dennery

Teenage son accused of burning mother’s house in Dennery

Eighteen-year-old Alger Mathurin, who is accused of setting fire to his mother’s house in Gadette, Dennery on May 15, 2012, is to stand trial for arson.

Annette Dorvis, Mathurin’s mother, said in a report that she and her son always had hostilities because he kept bad company.

She stated in her report that Mathurin had moved to her house, a 20×26 feet plywood structure, just weeks before the incident after an argument with her.  In the meantime, Dorvis was living with her grandmother who was in need of daily care.

Another witness alleged that on the night of May 15, 2012, she saw Mathurin setting fire to some clothes outside of the house; she also witnessed him tossing things from the house.  The fire occurred soon after this.  Knowing that she could do nothing, she called Dorvis and stayed clear of the destruction.

The Dennnery Fire Station responded to Dorvis’ call for assistance and eventually put out the blaze.

Dorvis arrived on the scene not to long after the fire fighters did.

The value of the building and its contents was estimated at EC$20,000.

Mathurin will return to court on June 28, 2013 for a report on his indictment.


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