“Somebody must know something” – Minister wants swift justice for Saadia Byron

“Somebody must know something” – Minister wants swift justice for Saadia Byron

External Affairs Minister Sarah Flood-Beaubrun has said she wants swift justice for 33-year-old Saadia Byron, a Laborie resident who was murdered and buried in a shallow grave near her home.

So far, no one has been charged for the crime, although two are in police custody for questioning in relation to her death.

The minister said that the responsible perpetrator/s should feel the full brunt of the law. She called on citizens to play their part to help solve this murder and ultimately help to keep Saint Lucia safe.

“What is important is that this person or persons need to be found, [they] need to be hounded where they are hiding and be brought to justice. They must feel the full weight of the law descending upon them and I think it is the responsibility of every Saint Lucian citizen to do what we have to do to find the perpetrators of this incident. Somebody must know something. Somebody must have heard about something and police cannot solve crimes unless they get assistance. Of course, the government needs to provide the Royal St. Lucia Police Force with every support it needs. I am confident that will happen,” she said.

The minister took the opportunity to condemn violence against women in society.

“Men are physically stronger than women, it’s a fact. And I was thinking to myself that the only reason why this man got away with this is that his victim couldn’t fight him off because I’m sure she would have put up a good fight. Biologically men are stronger than women… For men to use their physical strength which was given to them by God to protect women…defend them and fend for them… to violate women in such a heinous way, I think there is a lot coming for men who do that,” she said.

“We can’t bring Saadia back unfortunately, but we can make sure that our communities are safer by finding criminals and dealing with them in the appropriate way in accordance with the law,” Flood-Beaubrun said.

Byron was a mother of three children.



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  1. Have a monetary reward for any info leading to an arrest like they do in other developed countries .Countries that are serious about collecting info and data to put a dent in criminal activity.let the citizens phone in the info to a responsible party in the security ministry who can then pass it on to the police. Lines of communication have to be created, they don't create themselves.Creating more hotlines will provide more info.


  2. this is so sad and disgusting and i do understand that most men are indeed stronger than women but my question is why is that when a man commits a crime on a woman it gets the most attention from people like sarah and they have walks and stuff against violence against women but when a woman kills a man which we have seen recently it does not get that same type of energy and attention? to me it feels bias


  3. Publicity stunt. Why not make your own community, Castries Central, safer? What a sad joke you are, "Minister."


  4. where is the amendment to the legislation. that protects the identity of rapist? in the absences of such actions you are simply giving lip service to such issues. #stopthepretense


  5. Wow Sarah! You sit in cabinet with the PM and Minister of National Security. if you want swift justice how about government providing the police with proper training and resources. For starters open up the crime lab. When that is done then demands can be made of the police. Do you expect the police to function by wishful thinking?


  6. \\Shut your trap Sarah! Did not hear you condemn Ubaldus, that kind of behavior by him is where the problem of men abusing women starts and should be nipped in the bud. Ubaldus in my books did worse than the rapist, since it is people like him that pave the way for these reprobates like that rapist to commit their dastardly acts.


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