“Somebody has to pay” – Businessman wants compensation for damages caused by explosion

“Somebody has to pay” – Businessman wants compensation for damages caused by explosion
Video still image of the unidentified businessman speaking to Choice News Now's Cecile Actille.
Video still image of the unidentified businessman speaking to Choice News Now's Cecile Actille.
Video still image of the unidentified businessman speaking to Choice News Now’s Cecile Actille.

A number of structures located near the area of Tuesday’s deadly explosion sustained damages, however one businessman is not taking it lightly.

He wants compensation.

The unidentified businessman told Choice News Now that whoever is responsible for the explosion should pay for the damages to his restaurant and house.

The part of the restaurant's roof reportedly collapsed on a customer's plate.
The part of the restaurant’s roof reportedly collapsed on a customer’s plate.

The businessman told Choice that part of the restaurant’s ceiling fell on the plate of a customer who was eating.

He said the entire ceiling crashed moments later. His house nearby was also damaged, he told Choice.

“A situation like that, I mean, whoever is the cause of whatever transpired yesterday should foot the bill,” he said. “Somebody has to pay me for my damages.”

He added: “I haven’t come with a dollar figure as to how much it is. I know what the damages are, it’s just that I haven’t put a dollar figure to it.”

Other residents and business owners close to the quarry, operated by Rayneau Gajadhar’s RG Group of Companies, have reported damages.

A gas station official reported shattered windows and several residents reported cracked walls, collapsed ceilings, broken electronic items and furnishings.

A church official reported that part of the structure’s ceiling had collapsed and the organisation is awaiting an engineer’s assessment. He however told Choice that the structure can be replaced but his heart goes out to those who lost loved ones.

One resident told Choice: “I say to myself the whole world mashup cause first time in my life I heard a blast like that.”

The explosion, heard and felt miles away, was so powerful that many residents in Castries mistook it for an earthquake or a plane crash.

At least three people were killed in the explosion and over 20 injured.



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  1. http://htsstlucia.org/rg-quarry-explosion-victim-cries-help/ this is the type of shate that happens when lucians have you feeling like you wrong to ask for whats rightfully yours


  2. No one must go to the owner of G C COMPANIES it is illegal and wrong. You must seek professional help . get your lawyer, this is bigger than you think. Seek professional help.


  3. The problem is... THIS REQUEST SHOULD NOT BE IN THE GODDAMNED NEWS!!! its is called TACT! He has every right to seek compensation but there are distasteful ways of doing things and this is it!!


  4. All those saying it's just 2 days, 3 days, is the same ones when something happen they quick to say, "I want my money now,I ain hearing nothing " . If he waited a month you all will say "mate lying,the house and shop was always so". Oh the hypocrisy,let the man talk for his thing. Anyway my condolences, love and support goes out to the families


  5. I expressed my condolences to the families and co-workers in a previous post and once again extend it. While I agree the guy has a right to make the claim IF it is legitimate, why now? I mean people are dead, children will NEVER see or play with their fathers again, wives will NEVER hold, kiss or look into the eyes of their husbands again. Brothers and sisters will NEVER be able to share a memorable moment, like a beach/river outing or a birthday party with their brothers again. Mothers will NEVER be able to share memories or smiles with their sons again. This is heartbreaking, this right here is exactly what is wrong with the country and why we are were we are now. Indeed the man has bills, a family to look after etc, and a right to seek compensation but at a time like this can't we all pull together? A couple of ceiling tiles? AND no mention by him if the customer in his restaurant was injured etc, that would have been of greater concern for me.

    And to those who keep talking about what would have been done in other countries, can you not see how these other countries are "empty"? empty of LOVE, COMPASSION, KINDNESS and FORGIVENESS. Is this what we want to become as well. The lawyers only represent these cases because of the MONEY involved, not because of the interest in seeing justice prevail. The citizens of these said countries are like The Walking Dead, but they don't even know that they are dead. They are moving around, working, existing BUT definitely not living.


  6. This a very rude awakening to the majority careless population. Because of the loss of life, security of dangerous substances may get attention. We have a short attention span. But with no loss of life there, however, the damage by the grill in Castries is also outrageous. Our people and especially the politicians are very flippant about grave issues facing the country. The party with the majority is always showered with righteousness, irrespective of the consequences, in the short-term with no regards for the longterm and future generations.

    When will we grow up? When will we see the light? When will Saint Lucians elect more people of substance, not monied, not khaki coloured, not just with degrees, but highly intelligent people to office?


  7. I don't think he is heartless and that he went to the media. The following day media persons were seen in the area speaking to all those living close to the site. He was approached hence he the reason he spoke out he didn't seek the media, they approached him, as anything else he has a right to speak out. He was affected and who will pay his bills


  8. I understand that this is his means of income and maybe it cant be put on hold. But its not even well 3 days since this happened. Lets give a chance for the dust to settle so those responsible can sit at a table and sort out what they have to do for you. The have to take care of their injured workers and mourn the ones they lost. Lets be sympathetic.


    • Reynaud was open for business today Thursday. Open for business. The dead are not buried. Open for business. Where's the respect?


      • The RG Quarry Ltd is still CLOSE !! Get your facts before you say Rayneau have no respect. RCIP and CIE was close on Wednesday due to respect...
        Why you'll at Rayneau so much, go after you'll lame and useless politicians you all praise so much and only knows people election time only....


  9. Smh, after all give and take Lucians! Rayneau can be how ever he is, his a man that don't like to owe. He will compensate all of you'll. Don't forget he has all the building materials to repair. A lot of St Lucians has so much negative things to say about Ray, but there are other business men here that treat their staff like shit nothing for that. Ray can be hard, but he still helps when needed. Viking Traders is the worse place to work in St Lucia, but I don't hear you'll Lucians blasting their....


      • It's bad, believe me when I tell you it's bad. They treat the staff worse than pigs. Big gate to enter, if u arrive at least 10 mins late, home time. I'm not saying u must get to work late, but sometimes things happen and u can't help it. 1/2 hour for lunch. Like is a slave camp. $5 dollars an hour etc... I feeling sorry for the girls working in the spices and those in the coconut... Ppl don't. God alone knows.. Labor department is a failure to st Lucian employees. The employers they care about not the small man...


  10. The man has the right for seeking for compansation. Recommand him to look for a lawyer.
    In every country it should be a normal procedure.


  11. Customs and the police will in future have to check all other quarries to see if they have explosives and safety gears to protect the staff; community and the environment. This is so sad. Just the thought of this brought tears in my eyes. God is good. My condolences to the families and friends.


  12. Dear unknown businessman,

    Easy dude, take your time. And what is this " whoever is responsible?" You want damages from the dead men that probably cause the explosion? The supervisor who delegated the task which may have caused the explosion? Or the injured employees, or the maker of the explosive products or the company that operates the quarry?

    You don't want to be passed over for your money, when the insurance check comes in. So you felt the need to go to the press. Please just say what's exactly on your mind. Stop hiding your face and playing like you're empathetic to the victims when you act like a biggest victim also. You are being passive aggressive, insensitive and lacking empathy. I agree your business is affected. You will obviously lose income from the damages. It will also make your life uncomfortable for some time. You have your right to compensation. Please just stop acting like you're the biggest victim of this tragedy.

    Obviously, Rayneau company is liable but its only been one day since the accident. His business is literally in shambles, he lost family and workers, his employees are injured and traumatized, their families are in mourning. Rayneau probably has the biggest headache right now. He faces serious legal liability for this. Let's first lets mourn for the victims before we start shelling out cash to everyone. In other countries, it takes years to fully recover emotionally and financially from such tragedy. As a businessman you should also realise he faces greater losses than you.

    Be happy, that no one at your business was injured or died, because you're so lucky that only your building was damaged. It could have been worse!

    If, you feel so victimized by "whoever is responsible", go to your insurance and file a claim. Go to your lawyer about filing a lawsuit. Make this entire tragedy all about yourself because 3 dead persons, 20 + injured, and the families of those lost lives take second place to your damaged property.

    Priorities dude!

    Best regards