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UPDATE: Some public servants earn more than the prime minister


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Five public officers at Grade 21 are currently earning more money than the prime minister of St. Lucia with 92 reported to be earning bigger salaries than government ministers under whom they serve.

This was disclosed Wednesday night by Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dr. Kenny Anthony in his address to the nation on the status of public sector wage negotiations in which he indicated government is unable to afford more than a four-percent salary increase.

“The current situation is that every public officer in Grades 19 to 21, every deputy permanent secretary, every director, every ambassador, the chief surveyor, the postmaster general, the labour commissioner, the director of NEMO, not to mention every permanent secretary, currently makes or earn more money than a Cabinet minister,” he said.

In his address, Prime Minister Anthony revealed that he receives a basic salary of $11,404.17, and total allowances of $1,324.00, providing a total monthly emolument of $12,728.17. He said the prime minister’s utility bills are paid by the state and he is provided with a gardener and a maid.

A minister receives a basic salary of $7,671.75 and total allowances of $3,054.00, providing a total monthly emolument of $10,815.75.

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  1. Thats no chunk change for a Prime Minister in little St.Lucia, $152,738.04 excluding gardener maid and utility bills. Ministers $129,789.00 boy I would fight my butt out to stay in the position I'm in. Bo'va bo,kuwa lame' bel navidze'. I thank my patios book.

  2. That's what he makes on paper but what about "back door deals"?

  3. Yhh.... but he get much more perks than civil servants

  4. How much does the PM make per year?


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