Some BVI natives against Saint Lucian Verne Garde’s appointment as prison boss: “Are there no BVIslanders qualified to do the job?”

Some BVI natives against Saint Lucian Verne Garde’s appointment as prison boss: “Are there no BVIslanders qualified to do the job?”

(SNO) – After it was announced in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) that Saint Lucian Verne Garde was confirmed as the new Superintendent of Prison at Her Majesty’s Prison in Balsam’s Ghut, Tortola, a number of Virgin Islanders expressed their dissatisfaction with his employment.

They argued via social media that a Virgin Islander should have been given the opportunity to run the prison.

Garde, the former director of the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) in Saint Lucia, took up duties as the new prison boss on July 2, 2018, on a two-year contract.

He is on probation for six months.

A BVI government press release states: “The Saint Lucian has over 23 years of applicable experience in the field of Criminal Justice having served for 20 years in various ranks of the Royal St. Lucia Police Force including, Beat and Patrol, Drug Unit, Central Intelligence Unit, Inspector of Police and Head of Special Branch. He also served as the Director of Corrections with the Bordelais Correctional Facility in St. Lucia for three years.”

However, the locals are still not happy. They also find it quite coincidental that Garde was given the top job during the time prisoners from the BVI are being housed at BCF. The St. Lucia government took in about 21 prisoners after the hurricanes severely damaged the BVI prison last year.

Here are some of the comments via social media in the BVI (unedited):

“Do the territory not have qualified locals capable of executing such responsibilities. And if no, why not? Whatever happened since past days of the VIP and NDP’s initiatives to train our own?”

“Why must all of our high paying positions always be going to outsiders, Brits or others, along with the money so desperately in our won home?”

“Why not hire a local.this madness have to stop.ndp you are gone.”

“Since he was doing such a good job, how come st.lucia let him go???”

“Tell us the truth. Why is he leaving his st at this time for BVI? Who was the person in the involved in getting him interested in coming here. Nothing is mentioned about his character. Someone mushave been involved.”

“Wow, my sentiments exactly…. Like everything else, money talks, so I’m certain the salary and or perks offered to him exceeded what he was being paid in St Lucia. If he is leaving the position in St Lucia per a lesser salaried position in the BVI, that is commendable, but I doubt that is the case. Once again, money talks and….”

“Is there a connection between the prisons going to St. Lucia after Irma and him coming here? Superintendant Foot did a fine job. Sad to see him go…he was a man of humility and compassion and I believe he treated the prisons with dignity and respect. Let’s home this one does the same.”

“You bet your bottom dollar, it amounts to ———. He talked his way into this job after the prisoners went to St. Lucia. St. Lucian know how to —– — very well.”

“A Prison Guard called Garde. They had to give him the job.”

“In the meantime, Garde is said to have 23 years of experience in criminal justice. He has served in various units of the Royal St Lucia Police Force including, Beat and Patrol, Drug Unit, and the Central Intelligence Unit. Garde has also served as Inspector of Police, and Head of Special Branch. Garde was head of his home country’s adult penitentiary for three years. There is some one in the Virgin Islands with that experience and exposure. Why were they not approached?”

“I am shame to call myself a BVILander. You guys always have to talk down people. Has it ever occurred to you guys that someone from the outside needs to head this unit as someone from home might hold favoritism towards the prisoners. We don’t need someone who will grant them favors or someone who is going to be their friend.”

“Are there no B. V. Islanders qualified to do the job?”

However, the outgoing prison boss, David Foot, who, like Garde, is a non-Virgin Islander, said there are no locals currently capable of running the prison, according to a report on BVI News.

The BVI News further states:

Foot said said the current crop of local prison officials is, frankly, not ready.

“Right now, from the persons who are available, it needs more time for those people to get the skills. They need to come into some of the more middle-management and more senior management positions and gain experience.”

However, Foot said a number of local prison officials are currently being coached to eventually qualify to head the prison. He said these locals are part of an ‘intensive development programme’ that trains them to become professional prison managers.

The former prison boss further said the programme is a collaborative effort with the UK prison service.

“What I firmly believe is that there are persons from the Virgin Islands who — over the next few years — if they continue through that process, will be capable and will become Superintendent of Prisons, without a shadow of a doubt.”



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  1. If a White European from England (Queen Elizabeth) can be the head of the BVI, then why can't a black Caribbean man from St.Lucia be the head of the Prison? I am shocked to learn that the people of Tortola are so stupid and backward.


    • you have no idea, been here for a lil while and they have the most stinking attitude ave ever seen.. if someone greets u in the street jus know is a foreigner like urself jus tryna make a living...


  2. New Testament Verse of the Day:

    Above all, you must live as citizens of heaven, conducting yourselves in a manner worthy of the Good News about Christ. Then, whether I come and see you again or only hear about you, I will know that you are standing together with one spirit and one purpose, fighting together for the faith, which is the Good News.

    –Philippians 1:27


  3. One thing is clear about BRITISH Virgin Islanders, their ENGLISH is horrible. Look mistakes wee?


  4. hi Dr lucia did not let go of Vern guard he chose to come make ur island a better place to live make ur men a women who are in prison better men a women jus like he did here in st lucia we wish he would stay but he feels that it's his time to move on and make some where else better if u think he is coming up to ur country for the money he is not as some one who has work with mr. guard for years I can tell u if u want real rehabilitation is allow this man to walk ur prison walls. the BVI prisoner here in st lucia I saw there live on a tv station called great vision designs they are now benefiting from the programs Mr. Vern guard left for our st lucian prisoners


  5. And St. Lucians were upset when a woman from the Bahamas was in charge of Sir Arthur. Locals always fight down foreigners who rise (and locals who rise higher than them). The fight down is global, jealous people are never happy with progress that is not their own.


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