Cash-strapped Solid Waste Authority seeks assistance to repair Deglos landfill shredder

Cash-strapped Solid Waste Authority seeks assistance to repair Deglos landfill shredder
Sylvester Clauzel
Sylvester Clauzel

The Saint Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority (SLSWMA) will be seeking financial assistance from government to repair the electrical system at the Deglos landfill.

This announcement was made by Chairman of the SLSWMA Sylvester Clauzel during a press conference at the Government Information Service (GIS) today, July 10.

Clauzel said: “The Authority is making an urgent attempt to obtain an advance of funds to undertake the necessary improvements and repairs to the electrical system at Deglos that will allow the new shredder to be put into operation.”

The chairman said he’s optimistic that the SLSWMA will obtain these funds. He said works could be completed within four weeks.

The accumulation of hundreds of used tyres at the landfill has been a major concern for residents and is blamed for breeding mosquitoes in the area. The breakdown of two small tyre shredders has been blamed for the pile-up of tyres.

Clauzel explained that the Authority had purchased a high-capacity shredder in early 2012 to deal with the pile-up.

“Unfortunately, the installation of this new machine requires very costly new electrical installations at Deglos for which the Authority, despite its best efforts, has not been able to allocate the necessary funds without seriously compromising its contractual commitments to general waste collection and disposal throughout the island.”

He admitted that the SLSWMA is cash-strapped and is burdened by “current and historical” financial obligations. According to the chairman, this issue was brought to the attention of the Cabinet of Ministers, who agreed to improve the revenue flow of the Authority. However, Clauzel said that this will take some time to take effect.

The Authority is currently in discussion with the Ministry of Sustainable Development and the Carbon War Room to implement a solution that will see the shredded tyres and other waste at the Deglos and Vieux Fort landfills converted into electricity. The intention is to have this fed into the national electricity grid and sold to LUCELEC. This move is aimed towards creating more revenue for the Authority and extending the life of both landfills.

Meanwhile, as it relates to the Deglos landfill being a mosquito-breeding ground, Clauzel said there is no scientific evidence to prove that mosquitoes there are causing the spread of chikungunya. However, the Ministry of Health, in its chikungunya educational campaigns, has been calling on citizens to rid their communities of old tyres and other articles that might contain water that will breed mosquitoes.

However, Clauzel said the concern about the stockpile of tyres breeding mosquitoes is not a new problem. He said the SLSWMA has used fogging machines to deal with the mosquito population there.

“These efforts no longer appear to be yielding the usual results as we have been informed by pest control experts that overtime, the mosquitoes eventually become immune to these pest control chemicals,” Clauzel added.

Nevertheless, the Authority plans to implement a new pest management programme to monitor the mosquito populations at the landfill. A professional pest control operator has been hired to assist with this undertaking.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Merlin Fredrick recently responded to concerns raised by residents regarding the pile-up of tyres at the Deglos landfill.

She told St Lucia News Online (SNO): “The Ministry of Health acknowledges the concern and we are working with the St. Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority (SLSWMA) to resolve the issue in the shortest possible time. Given the corresponding increases in the mosquito population with the onset of the rainy season, coordinated strategies to contain the spread of attendant diseases is critical.”

The SLSWMA said it has received interest from persons locally and overseas to repair the shredder and shred the tyres.


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  1. Saint Lucians are so sickly stupid. In the midst of BLATANT leadership failure, even today they fail to judge the value of those they call leaders, on the body of WORK they have DONE IN THE PAST. The greater their failures or inexperience, the more QUALIFIED they become in Saint Lucians' eyes.

    We even changed our constitution for a green horn. Now we are paying the price for our blatant stupidity.

    SAINT LUCIANS are still caught in the TRAP of assessing people who push through and fancy themselves as representatives, as those of a particular skin colour, and have a PhD or some other type of degree. It looks like a degree even in Religious Knowledge would today still give you a very substantive edge!

    Let's take a look at who heads both the UWP and SLP.

    UWP's leader is quite a spectacular executive failure in terms of impact on related company bottom-line performance. The business, an airline, literally fell from the skies. That person too, never seemed to have had a chance of a snow-ball in Hell to be selected leader of a regional tourism group, after heading the ministry in the Tuxedo Affair with leakages from the Treasury, and with the legal judgement making critical reference to very dubious testimony given to that appellate court.

    That one heading the SLP, on the other hand, has not done a single stroke of work EITHER in business, in management or in finance. Now, as elegant testimony to SPECTACULAR management skills, he is now sitting on a self-created BUDGET DEFICIT of $87 million, plus three, not one, not two, but three egregious financial blunders. Acquaintance with the law as a law lecturer, did not equip him either, to be alert to weaknesses in three EGREGIOUS FINANCIAL BLUNDERS in the related contracts he signed. The cost to this nation is a TOTAL LIABILITY which now stands at $271 million ($45 + $85 + $168 million, and counting. Plus, there are legal costs not yet quantified.

    Does this nation have the smarts to detect fatal flaws and to choose otherwise, regarding the personalities that the very FLAWED executive branches of the respective parties REPEATEDLY chose?

    Do we always have to return to, and lap up our own vomit?


  2. One has to ask the question of what exactly are people like Sylvester Cauzel doing on the job. DO things have to reach crisis proportions in order for it to get some attention? And if what Jason Sifflet is saying on the Flogg Blog is indeed true, I think some people need to be flogged! Common sense is not so common people!


  3. ARE YOU GOING TO ELECT ANYONE WHO WOULD ACCEPT KENNY AS PM? If so you have not learnt anything about this bunch of shysters called the SLP. We need people who know about management, not just those who read budget speeches. Robots with AI can do even a better job at reading script like that one does.


  4. Here lies the problem with government reducing on the budgets of these statutory bodies. The landfill in Vieux fort and Deglos should be serving as a cash cow right now... Instead it is met with alot of broken equipment and contractors who are unwilling to pay to dispose of their construction waste..


  5. But this is back to front or upside down management. You buy an expensive piece of equipment then you realize that you have no money to set it up. that is a joke


  6. Well you should know this a broke Government and to me its like asking a Beggar to buy you Lunch. GOVERNMENT! They wait until shit
    become a major problem before they take care of things. Are the Taiwanese still in
    St. Lucia or they left, try them to see. My only advice to your organisation.


  7. if I had not read this article here below, i might have believed these Ministry officials really had our best interest at heart instead of just their futures and pockets. Read for yourself the coco-macakery that passes for good practices in Lucia.


    • En Rouge, I was JUST going to post this article as well! Kudos to Jason for exposing them before they came out with this majee.


    • I read the blogg and for real. It is foolishness on the part of the government and that fat giggly cheeks Jimmy Fletcher. All their education means naught as they have no intelligence or common sense.


    • Wow! I'm stunned.If this is really a fact then it's a real shame for the authorities involved. Smh


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