NewsSOL Probes Burning Question: What Fueled Tanker’s Flame?

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Castries, Saint Lucia, Monday, November 1, 2021:– Five days after one of its Saint Lucia drivers miraculously walked-away from possible death, SOL Caribbean continues probing the burning question of how it happened.

Immediately after the explosive incident on a busy highway, SOL announced it would launch an investigation into how the empty fuel tanker burst into flames after the driver stopped the vehicle to seek help to fix a flat tire.

The tanker burst into flames Wednesday afternoon (October 27) and exploded in full view of residents and mobile passersby, sparking worry about how disastrous it could have been.

Deborah Edward, SOL’s General Manager for Saint Lucía and Dominica, while happy that the fire and explosion didn’t end disastrously, nonetheless acknowledged that “The situation could have been worse.”

“You never know what would have happened if the truck had fuel,” she told reporters, “So, we are very thankful that the driver is safe.”

Fire officials here also confirm it could have been worse if the tanker was full of petrol, but they say too that the fumes from the empty tank, which burst into flames, were also potentially dangerous.

“By just keeping people out of the vicinity, the firefighters contributed to ensuring that everyone was safe,” Edward noted in her commendations to the fire department, which took early control of the scene.

She observed that the “highly volatile product” consumed the empty tanker just after the driver left it, near its headquarters depot, to seek help.

However, unknowingly but miraculously the driver had also walked-away from possibly dying in an inferno.

The driver reportedly received urgent medical attention, including shock therapy, after realizing how lucky he was.

Residents of the vicinity, as well as drivers and commuters caught in the traffic melee that followed, have all crossed their hearts and otherwise thanked their Lucky Stars to be alive and unharmed.

But for SOL, according to one insider, “The investigation continues, not only to determine what really happened, but also to ensure, as much as the company humanly can, that such a situation doesn’t happen again.”

According to the informed source, “It’s too early to say what will be done, but I have no doubt SOL will get to the bottom of this and do what will need to be done institutionally to avoid any type of repetition.”

The probe continues…

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