Social workers receive refresher course on report writing

Social workers receive refresher course on report writing

(GIS) – The Ministry of Equity, Social Justice, Empowerment, and Local Government hosted an internal assessment training program with the objective of improving the report writing and interviewing skills of field staff, including social workers and interns.

The two-day training exercise was facilitated by the Acting Director in the Division on Human Services, Beverly Ann Poyotte.

“The reason that I decied to do this training with the staff is because on a daily basis we do report writing for the courts, both the magistrates court and the high court. We also produce reports for adoption and foster care, and also for regional and international agencies; therefore it is very important that the reports that we produce are of a quality standard.”

Nyla James, Family Case Worker at the Division of Human Services, stated that the training reinforced the necessity of facts.

“It is easy to put your opinions and your feelings into it when working with the clients, or when doing your assessments. What it reminded us of is that we have to put our feelings aside and make sure that we state the facts.”

The training program was held on Feb. 12 and 13, at the offices of the Division of Human Services.


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