Social workers attend software refresher course

Social workers attend software refresher course

(GIS) – A data gathering tool is seeking to help institutions that work with juveniles better manage their cases for more effective outcomes.

The social work-related software, Therascribe, includes features such as appointment reminders, appointment scheduling, assessments, and treatment plans. It allows health workers access to the same information. Recently, a refresher course was conducted for the use of the software.

Senior Mental Health Counselor at the Boys Training Center, Patrick Fearon, said the importance of the tool cannot be overemphasized.

“It is one thing when you are working with children and families, to have a child before you; it is another thing to have the relevant data that would have been part of the child’s life since birth. What we know is that if we do not have a solid history as to what factors would have been impacting children then we are not in a good position to effectively work with them. The more information we have from all angles, will help the person who is working with the child to be more effective.”

Probation Officer, Fiona Noel-Charlery, said the program is significant in the juvenile justice system.

“It captures all of the data which pertains to the client that we are dealing with, including family background, presenting problems, assessments, mental health, medical status—every aspect of the client including education,” she explained.

Director of the Upton Garden Girls Center, Jacqueline Massiah-Simeon, said Therascibe is a critical part of the organization’s collaboration with other agencies.

“We often require finding a case worker, for example. With Therascribe, because the information is there for everyone to access, we are able to get ease of collaboration. This particular workshop not only provides for us to learn how to do that collaboration but to identify team members across agencies.”


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