Social media message about job losses at Victoria Hospital untrue: Chastanet

Social media message about job losses at Victoria Hospital untrue: Chastanet
PM Chastanet

(SNO) — Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has dismissed as false a post circulating on social media that states that all 600-plus workers at Victoria Hospital will be terminated by Sept. 15, 2018 and they may reapply when the positions are advertised.

Writing on his Facebook page late Monday evening (Sept 3), Chastanet said there have been efforts by some to “spread falsehoods” about the Saint Lucia health sector in their “narrow pursuits to create fear”.

“As of yesterday a post has been circulating on social media stating that the Government through a Cabinet memo had taken a course of action with regards to staff of the Victoria Hospital. I want to reassure all workers at VH that this post is categorically untrue and no such Cabinet memo exists. No such memo has gone out to the Min of Health, Nurses Association or anyone,” Chastanet said.

He reiterated government’s position that no jobs will be lost as a result of the transition to the Owen King EU Hospital.

Chastanet said the post by this “irresponsible individual” was obviously intended to undermine the health system and “has created concern and worry around the world”.

Chastanet’s post on Facebook

He said it “saddens” him that persons would stoop to the level of using persons livelihoods as a political football and call into question Saint Lucia’s ability as a nation to deliver healthcare. He added that this issue is too important and can cause damage that affects us all.

“Once again I take the opportunity to reassure the staff of VH and all staff in the health sector that our Government will take no decisions that cause their jobs to be sacrificed. You are hard working and we stand with you to create a better healthcare system we can all be proud of. In the meantime let us continue to dialogue and move our country forward and resist the urge to give in to persons who would prefer to plant seeds of fear and discord. Let’s continue to build a new Saint Lucia,” he concluded.

Below is the message that has been circulating via social media:


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  1. I voted for UWP and will vote UWP again. No government has the answer but looks at possible avenues to get things going. This government has taken the most boldest and unpopular actions. I do not believe that Government can afford the OKEU hospital. Government has to think of the cost of maintaining such a building.

    Furthermore, I can see through the SLP team as if everything is nice on their side. It's all A show to me.


  2. Remember when you Mr. PM campaigned on transparency, if you practiced transparency with Health-care situation. This chaos of mis-information would not happen


  3. Myself like many others voted this goverment into power,and i and many others will admit that this goverment have being dissapointing to say the list,i have always voted uwp but i have never see a goverment operate with lies upon lies,the goverment have failed to deliver on if manifesto and five to stay alive.The goverment dish out monies to investors like never before whilst school can be open as as a result of poor conditions.Everything the pm says you have say whether its another lie,the pm is incompetent and not believe this should bever be as a pm he is blantant with his lies and move on like nothing is wrong with lying,the truth is about this statement
    From the pm simple means if something is a lie wants you believe it to be the truth it true.What human being say such all person the leader of a country.If accountability will get in the way of development brush it on a side and moved on,unbelievable and that the words of our pm shameful.I need to say here we need to be objective and if we were an objective people goverment wouldnt take us for a ride as they do.There is so much more to say about this goverment i will live there for now,the hospital and customs staff disaster.The the goverment and uwp brass this time i will vote against you,like many others who voted you in the last election.Take note


  4. I will tell u the truth. The hospital is being privatized but the government will be subsidizing some of the costs so healthcare remains affordable. To help the vulnerable who cannot afford, they will be starting a countrywide health insurance program which will work on a "pay-it-forward" basis.

    The private operator does not want all the VH nurses and doctors because of the complaints which have been received. Instances of gross negligence by doctors and nurses at VH have been circulating via complaints from patients not only in St. Lucia but also in global organizations like the World Health Organization, the International Monetary Fund and the Organization of American States. Unnecessary death, unnecessary maiming, unsanitary conditions, physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse and death and maiming due to incompetence is part of the long list of complaints some of these organizations have received. That is a fact.

    The Operator intends on screening each doctor and nurse to ensure that they are sufficiently qualified to deliver care to patients.


  5. Customs and the nurses going through the same struggle this cannot be a coincidence. There is a plan to destabilize the pillars of the country. Where you like it or not these departments are not just riddled with bad individuals believe it or not there are some hard workers in the midst. This is unfortunate.. but somebody getting fat while all this is happening.


  6. The 17th Centuries service we are getting at VH, people have the nerves to ask St Lucian to Talley behind those lazy ass workers to keep their job. Its like eating shit and invite friends to joine you.Shame on you. They needed some fake ads news to shake they ads on the chair and put their brain at work.


  7. Lucians are easily distracted by foolishness posted on social media before they even get the facts. I know some workers didn't have a good night rest after a long day work, because of Self destructive mindset. Luciana keep killing your own.


  8. For years you'll nurses giving garbage service and under performing. People suffering when they come to the hospital without a care from you'll. Think about all the absenteeism in the public service. The 3 hour lunches. The general laziness and don't give a hoot attitude. Now chickens coming home to roost, you'll have a problem. You cannot continue to be unproductive and expect any entity to survive. Do you think there would be any need for restructuring if you'll public service workers were actually productive? Take a look at the Registry when the NICE kids were employed there. The service levels improved tremendously. All because the productive kids overshadowed the lazy full time public servants. Chickens coming home to roost people. If Chastanet didn't do it, someone else would have had to.


  9. The same way you were not going to stop nice... You convinced everyone ... I was at the meeting so why is it untrue... There is a God chas... You hungry ... Every rope has an end... Every dog has its day... They should shut down the country and make you pay all your debts personally... Why are you so hungry


  10. Lies and more lies because our president told us we are being "terminated" as of the date not sure but we are being terminated and have to reapply for the new hospital. You think with your foolish decision tourist will want to visit our country when our health care services are poor. Choopse get ready for the brain drain


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