Soca – Lypso Revue stands in solidarity with calls to address student loitering

Soca – Lypso Revue stands in solidarity with calls to address student loitering
Students loitering in Castries.
Students loitering in Castries.

PRESS RELEASE – Insistent that the problem should not be allowed to go quiet until it is satisfactorily addressed, the Soca – Lpyso Revue calypso tent says as an organization with a social conscience, they stand in solidarity with calls for young persons, particularly students, to channel their energies more positively.

The Revue tent which has drawn a healthy membership of young artists, says the tent members see themselves as having a social responsibility, to support the ongoing call for student loitering in the city to be curbed, via input from all stakeholders.

Soca – Lypso Revue Tent Leader Gene ‘Chacom” Leon says his tent   promotes the idea of students getting involved in the arts, especially the calypso artform.

“As a tent the Soca – Lypso Revue is very concerned about any societal threat that could compromise the status of young people in the country. As regards student loitering concerns, we will not simply standby and wait for calypso season 2015 to sing about the issues.”

“We believe there is an avenue in the artform that can be tapped; particularly as we look at possible solutions such as after–school programmes for students. We believe it is timely to put the artform of calypso on the table, for consideration as an option. We are optimistic that such a programme can be developed, that will definitely attract the interests of young persons”.

The tent leader says the Soca– Lypso Revue is open to engaging young persons and relevant officials in regard to this recommendation.

Meanwhile, the tent is gearing for the “Annou manje, danse, chante en kweyol” calypso extravaganza, which is slated for Friday, 24 October, from 8 p.m. at the National Cultural Centre.

The tent is urging the public to come out in large numbers to support the celebration of the island’s Kweyol culture, and to visit the Revue’s Facebook page for more information.


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