Soca – Lypso Revue stages ‘Independence Bliss – The Journey’

Soca – Lypso  Revue stages  ‘Independence Bliss – The Journey’

The Soca – Lypso Revue tent  is steadily defining itself as a ‘season-less’ tent which is obviously armed  with the tenacity, energy and  creativity  it takes to go with the flow  of the island’s national calendar of events.

This year the tent will stand tall on the island’s National Independence Programme of Activities as they hosts  the calypso extravaganza  dubbed   ‘Independence Bliss – The Journey’  carded for the National Cultural Centre (NCC) on the night of February  23rd from 8:00 pm.

Tent Leader and Musical Director Gordon ‘Gene’ Leon says the tent is gearing to bring the public a memorable and competitive show  befitting of the grandeur of an Independence occasion. Mr. Leon  acknowledged the  Standing National Independence Committee for endorsing and including  the initiative on the official programme of activities.

“ I must say right off the bat from our very first meeting  with Mr. Montrope that the support was overwhelming.  It far exceeded my expectations, although I know this Office usually supports things of a national nature. But in all honesty it was all embracing.”

He says the show will feature an entertaining mix of soca and calypso headliners drawn  from local calypso’s best  including the likes of Menel, Ashanti, Blaize, and Educator among  other popular stage personalities. Moreover he disclosed that the event could be billed  historic as it will feature an innovative format for judging performances on the night.

“ We really want to make the show about Independence. I think  we have heard it for a while now  and  I also heard it  from Mr. Daryl Montrope, Chair of the Standing  Independence Committee that Saint Lucians and  the general public are not necessarily embracing Independence as they should, so we really want to make this about Independence. The 34th celebration of our nation. And we want to encourage people to bring a national colour, whether it’s their flag, their shirt, their pants but bring a colour. Come to the event, come to support the event, make it national.”

This  is not the first time that the Soca – Lypso Revue tent has partnered with the organizers of national events. In October last year the tent hosted an all kweyol calypso concert which  carried the theme  “Mange, Dance, Chante” as part of events marking Kweyol Heritage month.

Gordon ‘Gene’ Leon says members of the tent’s executive are forging ahead along with their general  membership despite the challenges of landing  sponsorship and generating ticket sales.


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