Soca–Lypso Revue ready to deliver en Kweyol

Soca–Lypso Revue ready to deliver en Kweyol

 By all accounts the Soca –Lypso Revue is ready to open its doors to the public come the night of October, 24, 2014, for the annual Annou Mangé, Dansé, Chanté en Kweyol competition.

A successful press briefing, held on Thursday, October 16, saw artistes selecting their order of appearance for the night.

Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Heritage and Creative Industries Dr. Kentry Jn.Pierre, commended the tent for keeping the calypso flag waving throughout the year.

“It is not now that the Soca–Lypso Revue has been working all year round, and not just on a seasonal basis,” noted the cultural activist and government official. Jn.Pierre, in endorsing the all Kweyol show, encouraged the tent to keep at their efforts which he says will eventually result in valuable gains, for the sustainability of the island’s creative industries.

Tent leader Gordon Gene Leon was obviously bubbling with excitement, as were the other members of the tents executive.

“The songs are original pieces by the artistes and we did not restrict their genres; so our audience will be in for a range of music. Calypso, soca, cadence or even ballad style deliveries. On the night we expect a very competitive, spirited and wonderful show”.

Come this Saturday, tent members and supporters of the Revue will promote the show on the Peter Boulevard from 10 a.m. along with mini performances from the artistes who are carded for the event.



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