Soca –Lypso Revue laments poor turn out

Soca –Lypso Revue laments poor turn out

De Soca –Lypso Revue (SLR) hosted its Annou Manage, Danse, Chante en Kweyol Extravaganza, to a small but very appreciative crowd on Friday, October 24, 2014.

Tent Leader Gordon Leon says the show was a great one; however the tent in its review session will look at ways in which the show can attract more public support in the future.

“The song competition boasted 16 competitors who turned out to be very entertaining; really great crowd pleasers on the night,” he said.

The results are as follows: Emerging Winner was George Senaisse, second place went to Gervan Serbanse Javier while third place went to reigning calypso king Wulstan “Walleigh” Alfred.

“It was a great show in terms of quality and standard. So we’re happy with that. Our patrons who came out to support on the night were quite satisfied and we are really grateful for their support. In regard to low attendance on the night, naturally we hoped that there would have been more people to appreciate a great show, but we will go back to the drawing board and see what we can do differently next time around.”

The SLR takes this opportunity to thank the performers, judges, sponsors and everyone who worked hard in ensuring that the show was successfully staged at the National Cultural Centre – NCC.




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