Soap designed to stop Malaria, may stop Zika

Soap designed to stop Malaria, may stop Zika

160518154342-faso-soap-bar-exlarge-169CNN – It’s just a little sting, so slight often the victim doesn’t even feel it.

But it’s administered by the most dangerous animal in the world — the female anopheles mosquito.
This insect sinking its mouth into human flesh to feed its unborn children killed 438,000 people in 2015 alone — 90% of those fatalities were in Sub-Saharan Africa.
For this region, malaria is still a crippling burden, estimated to cost countries such as Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo up to 1.3% of their GDP, according to the Malaria Consortium.
So imagine if this issue could be wiped out by a simple bar of soap.

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