SNO NOTICE: Website upgrade

SNO NOTICE: Website upgrade

site 2Our new website – both the desktop and mobile versions – was officially launched on Monday.

If you’re still seeing the jumbled version of the old website, please clear your cache and cookies on your desktop internet browser and mobile internet browser. Additionally, you may need to update the browsers.

Some persons have complained about seeing ads and stories overlapping, but this is not the case. If you’re still seeing this, then it has to be an issue from your end, and you need to clear your cache/cookies.

See photos below of the current website versions.

(Please note that we will be adding more features soon and we’re still tweaking the design)



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  1. the email option seems like a tracking thing. not too sure how I feel about that. what ever happened to freedom of speech.


  2. I think it's cool and works great! Just an observation, it does not say on any page that its St Lucia News Online (SNO), or maybe I don't see it. Nonetheless, Love your new website!


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