SNL’s second ‘Pick Your Prize’ Show

SNL’s second ‘Pick Your Prize’ Show


PRESS RELEASE – We’re excited to announce that our second ‘Pick Your Prize’ show took place this morning. Our second set of winners came through to pick prizes from our prize board.

Lucretia Amos walked away with $500 cash, Gertrude Charles walked away with $1000 cash and Earnest Lambert (who picked on behalf of his mother Marjorie Lambert) walked away with $1000 cash.

This week we added a little exciting twist to the show. We offered Earnest Lambert a chance to swap his envelope with a mystery envelope from Santa’s helper. Without knowing what was in Santa’s helpers’ envelope Mr. Lambert happily declined and stuck to his pick. Unfortunately what he actually declined was $2000 cash.  Although he was disappointed in the end Mr. Lambert was grateful for his $1000 win.

Join us in congratulating our three winners. I sure hope this motivates you to participate in next week’s show. All you have to do to qualify is spend $20 on Big 4 OR daily Grand… fill out your entry forms and place them in the second chance boxes provided. Good luck 😉


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