SNL’s fourth “Pick Your Prize” show

SNL’s fourth “Pick Your Prize” show

5a67b949-073f-406d-bb0a-48da98881d94PRESS RELEASE – Congratulations to this week’s 3 ‘Pick Your Prize’ winners.

Our fourth show took place this morning. Rufus Laurencin walked away with an iPad Mini, Modest Joseph Jr. (who picked on behalf of his mother Marilyn Joseph) walked away with $2000 cash and Richard Chiquot walked away with a $1000 shopping voucher from Colombian Emeralds PLUSSSSS a ham & $500 bonus.


Mr. Chiquot was offered the opportunity to swap his original prize with an envelope from Santa’s helper and he did just that. To his surprise that envelope contained not one but TWO prizes (1. Colombian Emeralds Voucher 2. ham & $500 bonus). Smart move Mr. Chiquot… congrats to you and our other two winners.

We have two more draws to go and loads of prizes still left on our prize board. To qualify for next week’s draw remember all you have to do is spend $20 on Big 4 OR Double Daily Grand, fill out the entry forms and place them in the second chance boxes.


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