SNL’s first 3 promotion winners Pick Their Prizes

SNL’s first 3 promotion winners Pick Their Prizes

cfd541e5-4f95-49de-9b14-699be96741c1PRESS RELEASE – What an exciting morning it’s been for us at SNL!!! The first three winners from yesterdays ‘Pick Your Prize’ draw went ahead and picked their prizes this morning and believe me the excitement was absolutely evident.

Mr. Alfred Sylvestre won himself $500, Mr. Joseph Sylvestre won himself a ham PLUS $500 and Mr. Dominic Soudine won himself $1000!!! Join us in congratulating our 3 three winners.


You could be next week’s winner… all you have to do is spend $20 on Big 4 OR Daily Grand to qualify. Fill out the entry forms and place them in the second chance boxes provided. Another 3 winners will be picked in next Tuesday’s draw.

The entire first show will be aired tomorrow evening on CHOICE at 7:55 PM… That’s 5 minutes before CHOICE News Now. Be sure to look out for that 😉



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