Sneaker Day, Wednesday

Sneaker Day, Wednesday

(GIS) – The National Insurance Corporation (NIC) is once again leading the charge to get Saint Lucians moving.

The NIC is excited about staging the third annual Sneaker Day scheduled to take place on Wednesday, June 27.

Over the past five years the NIC has observed a steady increase in sickness benefit claims which can be directly attributed to a corresponding increase in non-communicable illnesses. As a social security practitioner, the NIC is naturally concerned about the implications of an ailing population on the island’s healthcare and critically, for the sustainability of our social security fund and the viability and functionality of our workforce.

Sneaker Day targets workers who are less likely to be physically active during working hours. Workers are encouraged to wear sneakers with their normal work attire for a day as a reminder that physical activity is good for their health. Participants are encouraged to take selfies and share with the #758sneakerday2018 on various social media platforms.

The NIC believes an organization’s greatest asset is its employees and promoting healthy lifestyle choices will result in employees being their best in and out of the office.

Corporate Saint Lucia is invited to join the movement to help create a fit nation.


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