Snakes in Forestiere were “disturbed”

Snakes in Forestiere were “disturbed”

(SNO) — In recent times, several video clips have surfaced on social media in Saint Lucia, showing people in contact with boa constrictor snakes.

As a result, members of the public have expressed concern that snakes appear to be leaving their natural habitats and moving closer to people’s homes. Even local wildlife experts have weighed in on the debate, saying that the animals are perhaps in search of areas with warmer temperatures.

On Monday, our newsroom posted one of the most recent videos in which two boa constrictors were being pulled from vegetation, reportedly near a cemetery in Forestiere. A total of three snakes were reported to have been found on that occasion.

This video comes not too long after a clip surfaced on social media showing a large boa on the compound of WASCO’s Union site.

However, a concerned resident with knowledge of the Forestiere incident said the incident at WASCO is totally different. The resident, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told St. Lucia News Online that the three snakes discovered in Forestiere were already in their natural habitat, while the six-foot boa discovered at Forestiere was not in its natural habitat.

“The video with the snakes in Forestiere actually occurred in a forested area where the forestry officials were cutting down low-hanging trees that were near people’s homes,” the resident said.

“I saw them a few weeks ago so I would not say they are leaving their habitats but that they are being disturbed… so this is quite different from the one near WASCO.”

The resident added that the incident in which the three snakes were discovered occurred last week.

According to local wildlife officials, it has been reported that an increasing number of snakes have been seen near human-populated areas. Their explanation is that the snakes are being motivated to leave their natural habitat in search of warmer temperatures.

However, some people don’t hold that view. During recent social media discussions, a number of people believe the reptiles are fleeing their natural habitat because of the man-made destruction of the forests and vegetation for various developments.


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