Smugglers Cove Hotel to employ 1,200 Saint Lucians – PM Anthony

By Office of the Prime Minister

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Dr Kenny Anthony.

PRESS RELEASE – Prime Minister and Political Leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, has revealed that the construction of  new hotel at Smugglers Cove in Cap Estate, will create 1, 200 new jobs during the construction phase.

The hotel is scheduled to commence construction soon. This pronouncement was made during Dr. Anthony’s address, at the national meeting of the Saint Lucia Labour Party, on the Market Steps, Castries, on Thursday.

He told his listeners that he knows that it has not been “easy” for them but the Government continues to tackle the unemployment problem vigorously.

He outlined his Government’s employment initiatives and the number of persons who have gained employment as a result. The Prime Minister reported,

“We said we would inject $100 million into the economy for the creation of jobs and the records are there. [We are doing so.]

A total of 520 young people have already gained employment under the Cruise Ship Employment Programme. In January this year, ninety two (92) more young people secured jobs and just last week another seventeen (17) were appointed by Carnival Cruise Line Executives.

This is possible only because of a programme launched by your Government. We are making loans available for our young people to undergo training.

We created NICE and over 5,400 people have been employed during the life of this programme. One hundred and sixty two (162) are currently employed in the Farm Labour Support Programme, another two hundred and forty one (241) are currently serving as Principal, IT assistants and other posts under the Ministry of Education.

There are 82 playing field maintenance workers and who can forget the three hundred and twenty five (325) caregivers under the Home Help for the Elderly Programme.

This number will soon increase by an additional 200! There were another 1,155 jobs created under NICE to provide administrative support to various agencies such as the Registry.

Last budget I [mentioned] the Youth Entrepreneurship Programme funded by the SLHTA. Already, two hundred (200) people were employed from January to March 2015.

Let us not forget STEP because it provides jobs to approximately 2, 000 people each cycle.”

The Prime minister said that he expects the unemployment rate to decline as new investments are made in the island in the months ahead.

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  1. Really . What about the employees of the smugglers cove who lost their jobs. Some with kids bills rent. What about them. In this economy u hv to know somebody to get a job if not u are gonna be jobless. So kenny can just stfu with is stupidity. U no damn well the hotel management has their own team to work for them. U piece of shit oh how am waitin for urll to come by my home looking for my vote. Am so pissed off right now

  2. You can't fool the people all the time

  3. 100 million...

  4. He shoulda jus say that in a carbarway!

  5. The menial low paying jobs that this government call job creation speaks volumes of how they see people in this country. Kenny believe that he and his band of boys are the only intelligent ones! What about jobs for the students returning from studying who have huge student loans to pay and all Kenny is doing is giving jobs to his boys or their relatives? Man time to get out! Kenny realises that his supporters are those who can be fooled with mahjee like NICE and STEP!

  6. Kenny your slavery days are over and will b permanently eradicated . U will loose this coming election . Saint Lucia fed up Kenny . Your breath can't save you anymore . Once you in power Saint Lucia crying . Sad man jus resign

  7. Seems like Kenny's intention is to create a island full of waiters , or rather plate carriers like they say in the uk ... He cannot see us being anything better . Degrading our people with low income jobs . demoralizing us with these silly positions as hotel or crew ship employees ...while him and his family get all the ordinary 9-5 jobs or office jobs .
    we deserve better . Too many countries tell us what to do Canada demanding we review our laws on how many times a person is permitted to change his or her name our own country . just because they're bigger than us . that is where better governmenting is required to actually have the cajones and tell these countries STOP ..we don't tell them what to do .
    so employment for us as a small island is lacking because of weak governmenting methods , just saying yes to any and everything ,prostituting our own kind .
    giving us jobs as waiters and waitresses is as far as they can and want to us reach .
    seems to me that this island is sold out under us as a tourist destination. and local people don't mean nothing .
    Not being racist or anything but facts are facts .


  9. Yall people r very ignorant. Cant yall see the progress thats being made in the country?
    Who dont see are bound to be flambeaus.
    Those negative comments ars some of the same negativity goi.g on in the flambeau camp. One cant expect anything better from the likes of chastnet.

  10. Soon? In time for elections? Soon? Soon? After the lambird issue is address? Soon? Soon?


  12. Lol i know facts before this shid lol the reason for the reconstruction and all and My Dad is one of the contractors to be spearheading the operation :v dont be fulled lucians Our still Honourable Priminister has nothing to do with this lol i thinks he was just serving as a news announcer :v >_<

  13. These aren't new jobs as most construction workers who are counted as employed are at their homes because construction stalled

  14. liar liar liar the movie star

  15. Ok. So tell us how many will lose their jobs as the hotel is closed. You can't fool us anymore Kenny!

  16. Wow, I must say I am amazed at the number of uninformed people circle jerking each other's ignorance.
    SLU relies on the tourism industry as its breadwinner and main engine of growth. To take issue with healthy growth in said industry given the current economic climate Reveals a lack of understanding of even the most basic economic concepts. Ill keep this brief:
    Foreign investors are always on the lookout for viable ventures and there are hundreds of tourist destinations all competiting for thierinvestments. How do you get them to choose you? You give tax holidays. Sure u lose out on the taxes but think about the benefits: 1200 jobs, larger market for farmers taxi drivers car rental agencies local insurance compnies etc, larger accomodation capacity. This makes it worth it.

    To the gentleman citing le paradis, that was due to the largest global financial meltdown since the 1930s stop pretending like its a usual thing.

    I do agree that programmes like STEP and NICE do artificially reduce the unemployment rate anr generally cause more harm than good but expansion in the tourism industry is a welcome breath of fresh air.

    • where in my name u get a gentleman??

      and secondly, long before tourism, we had our green gold in the banana industry. we were a major contributor to that industry. ppl keep underestimating the power of agriculture. hell, i bought packaged mangoes from the phillipines while living on a tropical island. wam the gvt cannot explore other avenues to boost the economy up? i dont want slu to be another island whos dependent on tourism. once upon a time we were not like that and id like for us to get back there.

  17. You are a southern boy Kenny born and bred in Laborie.
    What are you doing for the people of the South who voted for you.
    Every thing is in the north, when will the south get some recognition?
    You have served 2 terms and have become a massive disappointment to St.lucia.
    Let's hope the people of Vieux Fort and the southern counties wake up and smell the coffee and do not re elect you.
    In this second term, you have looked after number one Kenny and ignored St.lucia

    • i was gonna say that the ppl of laborie disowned him, but i forget we are a basket for slp....sighs 🙁 well consider me as an exception, so yes, there's hope.

  18. Elections coming u knw dts d main !! Problem we have in d country u trying and force sumn to happen nw smh... All dem empty factories... U eh looking to make use of it is boowiiik work u want to give us..sii sar vway mar sarv ! Smh at dah mun

  19. The days are getting better as we go. Don't leave it all to government.

  20. Kenny with the crime on the island put effort into getting the forensic lab up and running properly there are persons with forensic science degrees who are leaving to go overseas dammit

  21. I really do hope that after this coming budget there is employment within the public sector for young school leavers like me and others alike.this labour administration needs to invest much more into the youth.

  22. Yahhhhhh More $5/hr 5 hour a day part time jobs. Thanks Kenny!!!!

  23. kenny, half of these numbers are crap because it's not substantial and doesnt offer any benefits to our ppl, so you can shove it down ur bouden robba. we have enough hotels, y is there another one being built?? my ppl lets not forget the whole paradis disaster.... eh even check the background of these ppl and therefore caused unnecessary disruption to our land and ecosystem. so u go and build more hotels so more of our ppl wouldn't get access and our dear 'enforcers' of the law can completely forget about the queens boundary rule? okay....

  24. Lies, Lies, Lies.....

  25. The people are getting poorer each year with 15 percent tax

  26. stop trying to fool St.Lucians. Robin hood

  27. You'll bloody idiots can't fill existing hotels but you'll giving all sorts of tax concessions to build new ones. And screwing up the environment to boot.


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