SMJ Beverages Ltd Saint Lucia launches new ‘low-sugar’ Busta Chill

SMJ Beverages Ltd Saint Lucia launches new ‘low-sugar’ Busta Chill
Mr. Gaius Harry Assistant General Manager, SMJ Beverages Ltd Saint Lucia, announcing the arrival of the new Busta Chill.
Gaius Harry, assistant general manager, SMJ Beverages Ltd Saint Lucia, announcing the arrival of the new Busta Chill.

(PRESS RELEASE) — SMJ Beverages Ltd Saint Lucia this week introduced a new product to the Saint Lucian market.

According to the company’s assistant general manager Gaius Harry, SMJ Beverages Ltd, recognizing its social responsibility, has responded favourably to the World Health Organization (WHO) mandate of a reduction of sugar in carbonated and fruit drinks.

“Overweight and obesity are said to be major risk factors for a number of chronic diseases and the high sugar content in some food and drinks compounds this issue,” Harry said.

“And so, over the years, SMJ Beverages Ltd has worked assiduously to reduce the sugar contents in its products. And it must be noted that we introduced healthier low-sugar and no-sugar beverages years before it became a requirement,” he added.

The new product, Busta Chill, was unveiled here by the company on September 18, 2019.

“Busta Chill, comes from the well known and loved Busta family – but is a low-sugar version of the popular soft drink that comes in a 350mL bottle. The reduced-sugar drink comes in four bold and exciting flavours – Apple, Orange, Fruit Punch and Grape. The sugar content is only 4.8 grams per 100mL,” Harry explained.

“At SMJ Beverages, not only will we continue to strive to satisfy the needs of our customers with great-tasting products, but we are equally committed to offering beverages with a focus on healthier lifestyles for the entire family – while maintaining that same refreshingly great taste,” Harry stated.

Busta Chill is an addition to other smart choices distributed by SMJ Beverages in Saint Lucia, such as Fruta Lite juices and Chubby soft drinks with 25% reduced sugar. Fruta is also evolving in terms of newly introduced packaging and rebranding.

The company says that attaining its goals of making their brands global, requires sticking to high standards which ensure superior product quality. SMJ Beverages Ltd says that it also strives to achieve an integration of work and spiritual consciousness, a harmonious balance between its business, its people and our planet.

“At the end of the day we believe that it is in this spirit that we can all succeed and live longer, healthier lives, with more opportunities to enjoy the things we love most, including SMJ beverages,” Harry said.

Formed in 1924 in Trinidad and Tobago, today SMJ Beverages Ltd is in 60 countries including the Caribbean, North America, Brazil, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia.

SMJ Beverages Ltd opened its doors here in Saint Lucia in the year 2000 where it now manufactures and distributes Chubby and Busta carbonated drinks, Fruta and Kool Kidz Juices, Classic Cola, Seagram’s Ginger Ale, Cool Running Water, Viva sparkling flavoured water and now Busta Chill.


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  1. SMJ Beverages opened its doors in St.lucia in 1998, they began bottling in December of that year. First flavor bottled at the factory in vieux-fort was cream soda.


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