Smirnoff to host St. Lucia’s Color Festival

Smirnoff to host St. Lucia’s Color Festival

f0dcaadc-9366-4a62-bfd6-972885f9d4c3PRESS RELEASE  – The picturesque Sulphur City comes alive on Sunday December 20th as Smirnoff prepares to hosts for the second consecutive year, St. Lucia’s official Color Festival at the Soufriere Mini Stadium.

“Splash of Color” – the paint and powder experience aims to bring patrons from all over St. Lucia to celebrate this colorful fiesta in a festive ambiance. Patrons will enjoy the fascination of paint and powder splashed all over, creating an inimitable experience.

This event which kicks off from 4 p.m. will be headlined by International Soca Monarch “Olatunji” from the fabulous twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Olatunji is well known for his popular hit “Ola” which had many going crazy for the 2015 Carnival Season and continues to get persons euphoric and ready to party anytime it plays.

The event will also feature our very own multitalented Soca Monarch Ricky T, Ezra D’funmachine, Hollywood HP and Jay Budz backed up by the band DYP. Patrons will also be entertained by DJ Von from the Cayman Islands and the likes of Levi Chin, Hyper D and the mix sounds of DJ Jem and Uric Hype.

Those of us who enjoyed last years’ experience would remember that Splash of Color also features V.I.P for patrons who desire the ease of getting drinks at the bar, with premium drinks served and a variety of finger foods while comfortably enjoying the experience in a well secured V.I.P area.

To spice up the event, a distinctive feature has been added whereby patrons are allowed to bring in their very own coolers. “Now what more can you ask for?” This event just keeps getting bigger and better.

Tickets are available at The Cell outlets islandwide. Regular tickets start at $50 early bird and V.I.P $120 early bird. Thereafter, payment at the door will be $70 regular and $150 V.I.P. Early bird tickets are very limited and are available until Friday, December11th 2015.

Patrons can also look forward to our promotions leading up to the event, including our road show slated for December 13th, 2015. Tickets to be sold and ticket giveaways, as well as t-shirts will be available at all promotional events.

Our notion is to bring all St. Lucian’s together with this event to celebrate this festive season. We look forward to seeing you….yes YOU, all patrons, at St. Lucia’s official color festival where you know we will experience what you’ve only been able to dream.



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