SLYOU Magazine hits the market!

SLYOU Magazine hits the market!

(PRESS RELEASE) – Telling the Saint Lucian story in a more captivating, inspiring and informative way just got a whole lot better, thanks to the recent launch of SLYOU Magazine.

The magazine, which was launched on Monday, June 17, 2019, on Vybe Radio station’s morning programme, “Real Talk”, features one of Vybe Radio’s brainchild, Keemal “Pringles” Griffith, on the front cover. The feature story in the inaugural issue (July-August 2019) focuses on the journey both Griffith and Elijah Williams – the latter being the other brainchild of Vybe Radio – have taken since setting up their own radio station on April 1, 2016.

Choosing Vybe Radio as the feature story was easy. For starters, the radio station symbolizes the spirit of entrepreneurship – two daring media personalities using their previous experience in the media to set up their own. Moreover, they are giving their team the tools needed to become and remain successful in media and business. These are the kinds of stories that attract the attention of the team at SLYOU Magazine. These are the stories we will continue bringing to you.

SLYOU Magazine, a bi-monthly magazine, features various aspects of Saint Lucian life in the first issue through the following sections: Business Corner, Tourism Corner, Environment Spotlight, Arts and Entertainment, Book Shelf, Health Corner, Local Highlights, Faces of Saint Lucia, and Brain Teasers. From the second issue, we will include Sports, Short Stories and Poems.

Our reader-friendly magazine is for every demographic – from young to not-so-young – and features page layout formats that are pleasing to the eye. In fact, everything about the magazine was designed with a critical eye, if only to crave your indulgence for subsequent issues.

While SLYOU Magazine is run by a team of professionals at SLYOU Marketing who have many years of experience in various creative fields, the magazine actually belongs to YOU – each and every Saint Lucian who makes up this great country of ours. With that in mind, we endeavour to cover as much as we can under the sun, especially YOU.
The SLYOU Magazine team comprises four professionals who have years of experience in magazine production. They are Carlisle Searles (Creative Director), Tannel George (Senior Creative Content Developer), Cennette Flavien (Sales/Marketing Manager) and Stan Bishop (Editor/Chief Content Officer).

The magazine, which will be distributed at no charge to readers, is available in print, digital interactive and web formats and produced with high-quality technology. As such, advertisers get real value for their investment. Ads and advertorials are also posted online to attract wider visibility via our interactive website. You benefit from a full slate of other attractive services, especially affordable rates.

Get your copy of SLYOU Magazine today. By us, for YOU.


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  1. St Lucia Needed that ! I am loving this team! Great things to come! Been a long standing client and I following! Thats my girl!


  2. Smart businesses use criticisms as strategic inputs for gaining higher quality and better consumer-customer and buyresponse. Criticism should not be regarded as all negative.

    What is being attempted here is a great effort. Some might be inclined to take an annual subscription, but based on more than just one issue.

    One suggestion: Create a business environment update at the back or front of the publication. In there, place significant developments (summarize) local and external trends (events) that affect local business and economic outlook (short-, medium-term, and long-term). Raise awareness. Best wishes.


  3. You have done a great Job SLYOU team! Why the negativity? Support your Own! I am looking forward to getting a copy. The Interactive Digital Online Magazine is good idea. Value for money.


  4. It's refreshing to have a New Magazine that caters to all Businesses! I really like the concept and creativity. I will definitely be contacting you to do a feature. I am definitely for it. I will contact your Sales team to get in your Magazine. Good choice of choosing Pringles for the cover a very humble and inspiring guy. Great Job to the team! Keep doing good things for St Lucian Businesses very admirable. All the best.


  5. You should have planned content for at least three solid issues. Right now the second issue sounds like a precipitous content decline from the first. Just my opinion.


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