SLUSH magazine launches mobile app

SLUSH magazine launches mobile app

PRESS RELEASE – On Friday 27th March, 2015, SLUSH Magazine presented the SLUSH Magazine Mobile App to an intimate audience at the Palm Ville Conference Centre at Coco Palm Hotel, Rodney Bay Village.

Presenting sponsors for the evening of creativity and innovation included Verge Media, Consolidated Foods Ltd. (CFL) and Azuk Events.

Slush Magazine was first launched in 2011 as a pocket sized, quarterly print publication, and serving short, refreshing articles to keep readers engaged. Readers could expect to be updated on current happenings which included the likes of fashion, events, parties, art expos and the ‘who’s who’ of the local celebrity scene. The magazine laid out the options for affordable entertainment across the island. All this was made available at no cost to the reader.

The creators of SLUSH eventually recognized a need to make such information available more frequently to its readers and so this year, SLUSH made a decision to switch from print media to strictly digital media. While has been in existence since the launch of SLUSH, SLUSH has taken the digital route even further with the introduction of the SLUSH Mobile App, currently available for download to Apple and Android mobile devices.

The decision to go digital was influenced by a number of factors including the increase in popularity of mobile technology consumers, growing trend of digital magazines globally, target market preference, environmental/social responsibility and GoGreen efforts.

Slush Mobile, the new face of SLUSH Magazine, is an innovative mobile app which allows its users to remain connected to the things they love and can be customized to suit the individual’s lifestyle. Slush Mobile is the ultimate personal, virtual, mobile magazine that readers get to conveniently carry with them.

Slush Mobile is an advertiser’s direct link to its target market on the go. It offers companies the opportunity to market their products and services in full colour, detail and display, to appeal to existing customers and tap into unexplored markets as well.

CFL has pledged their commitment to this movement and is a major SLUSH Mobile partner. This partnership is part of their strategy to use emerging technology to tap into a new, younger demographic and provide customers with on the go access to their specials and promotions at their supermarkets. CFL also announced the availability of WiFi at four stores- Rodney Bay, Sunny Acres, Waterfront and New Dock, and plans to have this service available at the other stores in the near future.

In the spirit of supporting fellow young entrepreneurs and a true appreciation for the SLUSH Magazine Mobile App, Azuk Events sponsored the décor for the evening to adequately reflect what SLUSH Mobile is all about; fun, edgy, vibrant, yet warm and inviting. Colours were carefully selected to match SLUSH branding, while the lighting drew attention to all the right elements in the room. Azuk played a key role not only in décor but also in the planning of the event which highlights the expansion of services provided by the company.

Such a launch would not have been complete without the presence of the right technology. The Cell furnished the event with top of the line mobile devices which allowed attendees to explore the features of the app.

With its team of creative writers, graphic designers and photographers, SLUSH Mobile is working diligently to quench everyone’s social thirst.


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