SLUDTERA’s Entrepreneurship Readiness Program launches DreamBuilder for women online

SLUDTERA’s Entrepreneurship Readiness Program launches DreamBuilder for women online

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – In January 2018, SLUDTERA presented its educational program for Entrepreneurs called The Entrepreneurship Readiness Program – ERP.

The program provides persons access to several FREE online courses in various industries. In February, the program had a registration of 17 students, and since then registration has increased to 26 enrolled students. The courses currently being offered are created by accredited sources such as the U.S. SBA, the YLAI Network, Universities, and others.

The ERP has introduced a new course in their program called DreamBuilder For Women. This course will soon be available Face to Face as a six week workshop to aspiring and current women Entrepreneurs in St. Lucia, so be on the lookout for that.

About this Course

DreamBuilder introduces participants to all areas of business ownership through a carefully crafted and engaging curriculum, featured in English and Spanish. At the conclusion of the program, women leave with a business plan to start their own business or develop an existing one. DreamBuilder contains 13 topics.

Who is it For?

This course is for any woman (or young lady), looking to start her own business or any woman Entrepreneur who would like to improve on her existing business.

Course Cost

Online/Self-paced (OSP)


What You Will Learn

At the conclusion of the program, women leave with a business plan to start their own business or develop an existing one. Learn step by step how to prepare your business plan and do it like a Pro! DreamBuilder contains 13 topics.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Start Your Dream

– The challenges that entrepreneurs face.
– The rewards that entrepreneurship brings.
– How your decision to become an entrepreneur will impact you, your family, and your community.
– Be introduced to the business plan tool that is built into this program, and you will.
– Start working on your business plan.

Lesson 2: Exploring Your Dream

– Explore your dream in greater detail.
– The importance of sharing your idea for a business with other people in order to get their feedback.
– Customers and competitors, and you will start to
– How to do some market research.

Lesson 3: Planning Your Dream

– Business plans and the importance of planning your dream.
– The different components of a business plan.
– The different purposes a business plan can serve.
– How to effectively use the business plan creation tool that is built into the DreamBuilder program.

Lesson 4: Making Your Dream

– The practical steps involved in creating and running a business.
– Identify your business type and think about the steps required to make your product or provide your service.

Lesson 5: Marketing Your Dream

– Learn about marketing.
– How to identify your target market.
– The importance of positioning and branding.
– Enter a lot of information into your business plan as you start to develop a marketing strategy.

Lesson 6: Pricing Your Dream

– Learn about pricing.
– Importance of identifying how much your customer is willing to pay and how much value they are getting from your products or services.
– The difference between direct and indirect costs and what to do if your costs are too high.

Lesson 7: Selling Your Dream

– Learn about selling products and services.
– The importance of selling the idea of your business.
– Learn why people would want to buy from you and how to make sales projections.

Lesson 8: Managing Your Dream

– Learn about business management, including the hiring, training, and efficient management of employees.
– The proper management of money.
– How to balance your personal time and the time you dedicate to your business while still finding time to plan for the future success of your business.

Lesson 9: Profiting From Your Dream

– How to keep track of the money coming in and going out of your business.
– How to organize your finances into a Profit and Loss Statement.
– Reasons why your business may not be making a profit and what you can do to correct this.
– Options for spending / saving your money if your business is profitable.

Lesson 10: Keeping Track of Your Dream

– Why it is important to have a system for tracking the money that goes in and out of your business.
– Learn about bookkeeping, and you will be introduced to a number of different accounting terms and processes.
– Learn why it’s important to be able to make accurate projections.

Lesson 11: Funding Your Dream

– How to fund your business and the various sources of funding available.
– Think about how much money you really need and when you really need it.
– Learn how your business plan, contracts, and agreements can all help you to secure funding for your dream.

Lesson 12: Formalizing Your Dream

– The importance of contracts and agreements.
– The importance of choosing an appropriate legal structure for your business.
– Learn why it is important to make sure you are complaint with regulations, and have taken proper measures to deal with risk.

Lesson 13: Turning Your Dream Into Reality

– How you can create an Action Plan to guide yourself in your business.
– Work on setting good goals with timelines you can stick to.
– Identify the potential challenges you may have that could keep you from reaching these goals.
– Talk about the people and resources you have around you that could help you overcome any challenges you are faced with.

How to Register

To take the DreamBuilder course, you must first enrol in the ERP.


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