SLTB/CFL alignment adds significance to Wellness Retreat and Yoplait Walk

SLTB/CFL alignment adds significance to Wellness Retreat and Yoplait Walk
Deputy Director of the SLTB Tracey Warner Arnold
Deputy Director of the SLTB Tracey Warner Arnold

An alignment of effort and agendas between the Saint Lucia Health & Wellness Retreat and the annual Yoplait Walk for Cancer aims to heighten awareness leading to behavior change in lifestyles and life choices.

Importantly, integrating Health & Wellness Retreat participants with the mass resident crowd that is expected to turn out to walk for cancer will reinforce the universality of the message about cancer awareness.

With the Health & Wellness Retreat coinciding with the Yoplait Walk, the Saint Lucia Tourist Board (SLTB) pursued a strategic alignment with CFL, which also leverages the promotional machinery of one event in support of the other.

Deputy Director of the SLTB Tracey Warner Arnold says the object of the Health & Wellness Retreat is to reinforce the benefits of rest and relaxation; the natural option for diet and body care; and also that exercise is not an option but an essential part of the health regime especially considering what goes into most processed food.

“What we hope to communicate in a deliberate way is that investing in rest and relaxation, health and wellness as preventative approaches is not an option. It is essential to avoid costly consequences like cancer and diabetes and such,” Mrs. Arnold said.

Cancers impacting the prostate, breasts and lymph combined make the condition the leading cause of death in Saint Lucia.

The Consolidated Foods Limited (CFL) Yoplait event culminates Breast Cancer Awareness Month which is observed in October. For six years , CFL has partnered with the yogurt brand to focus attention on the significance of raising funds for breast cancer awareness and treatment.

To date CFL has contributed EC $120,000 to various cancer organizations to assist women in need with chemotherapy, radiography, PET scans and other treatments.

The CFL alignment is one of two partnerships being pursued by the SLTB to infuse active local involvement in the Retreat. The other will see a collaboration with the OPSR TEPA that will result in the hosting of a wholly Saint Lucian Health & Wellness Fair at the Pigeon Island National Landmark.

Referring to the steady increase in the population of producers of naturopathic remedies and the quality assurance that most of them can offer, Mrs. Arnold said the SLTB is excited at the possibilities for its efforts at achieving an added new and strong positioning for Saint Lucia internationally as a Mecca for healing and wellness, nature’s way.

Visit or contact our call center at (758-452-4094) for booking information. The second annual Saint Lucia Health and Wellness Retreat takes place November 1st – 3rd at Pigeon Island National Landmark at a cost of $200 per day or $595 for the full weekend of activities.


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