Citizens urged to take active role in managing green waste

Citizens urged to take active role in managing green waste


PRESS RELEASE – The Saint Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority (SLSWMA) advises the public on the need to properly manage green waste. Green waste includes grass clippings, tree trimmings such as leaves and branches, cut/fallen trees, etc.

The Authority recognizes the need for households to undertake tree trimming and tree cutting activities in order to maintain and safeguard their property and protect lives, however, we need to ensure that while attempting to prevent one problem we do not create others.

Quite frequently green waste is dumped in and around communal bins. When green waste is dumped in communal bins oftentimes filling them, residents have little choice but to deposit their household waste around the bins. This leads to opportunities for animals and pests to forage through the waste which often results in unsightliness, odors, blockage of drains, etc.

We recommend the composting of green waste, however, if this is not feasible, green waste should be transported to the Deglos Sanitary Landfill or the Vieux-Fort Solid Waste

Management Facility by the individual/organization responsible. The monthly bulky waste collection service which is provided to each community can be utilized for the disposal of small quantities of green waste provided that the waste is properly bundled or bagged. Note that only two bags or bundles will be collected per household.

Keeping St.Lucia clean and beautiful is up to all of us. The SLSWMA invites you to get involved.


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