SLP Youth Conference set for this Sunday


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(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The Saint Lucia Labour Party will hold its Annual Youth Conference on Sunday July 29th 2018 from 2pm at the Grande Riviere Secondary School in the Constituency of Dennery North under the theme ‘Empowering Youth for Governance.’

Youth Delegates from 17 constituencies are expected to attend the conference where they will share their vision from a youth perspective on the future development of Saint Lucia.

Political Leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party Hon Philip J. Pierre will attend and address the conference.

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  1. The last time the SLP started to organize the young people of Saint Lucia, some females started to wear special coloured caps as headdress. Some young people wore berets like Che.

    Some started to wear khaki coloured clothing only. No dresses at all. One hoodlum took over Radio Saint Lucia, whilst guns were reportedly hidden on Rat Island.

    Beware! SLP is up to nothing good. Fidel Castro the puppetmaster is dead, but not so the evil marionette.

  2. SLP is desperate. Desperate people do desperate things.

    Are they being brainwashed to accept what is happening in Venezuela as normal? Hoodlum and the shape-shifter Dr. Jyckle and Mr. Hyde have also tried.

    Radio Saint Lucia was taken over by the hoodlum. Castro's acolyte passed Article 361 to muzzle the press as they do in Cuba. Maurice Bishop's body has yet to be found. We cannot allow history to repeat itself here.

    Remember Grenada.

    SLP is desperate. Desperate people do desperate things.

  3. As a rare find, a non-partisan Saint Lucian, one would wish that membership would qualify one to be, or constitute to being more than a mere echo-chamber for the party hierarchy. Not being a cog in the wheel of the political manipulation of young minds should be the goal of all self-respecting people.

    If we ever to develop a meritocracy in Saint Lucia, the partisan political sellout that is the staple of both major parties would disappear. Saint Lucia would grow to be a strong and resilient nation in the era of cyber manipulation of vulnerable countries, even the once-thought impregnable USA and UK.

  4. SLP know that they didn't give a dann about youth last time around. Smoke and mirrors.


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