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SLP will continue to agitate until ‘offensive DSH clauses’ are renegotiated: Dr. Hilaire

By SNO Staff

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Castries South MP Dr. Ernest Hilaire.

Castries South MP Dr. Ernest Hilaire.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has vowed to continue with its agitation campaign until the government gets the best possible deal from the Desert Star Holding (DSH) agreement.

Opposition Member of Parliament (MP) Dr. Ernest Hilaire told a press conference on Wednesday (Jan.18) that the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) is obligated to advocate and ask questions about project on behalf of the people.

“In the coming weeks, we will intensify, to ensure that there is no DSH, unless certain offensive clauses are renegotiated,” he said.

The Castries South MP told media operatives that while he is pleased to hear that the government is in touch with the developer and is looking to renegotiate certain clauses, he would like to see that they remain transparent.

“Maybe to some extent we are making progress as an opposition and civic groups, in raising concerns that this is a bad agreement.”

However, Dr. Hilaire said the government has been telling some “untruths.”

Questioned as to whether members of the SLP are willing to meet and discuss the issues raised with the government, he said, “I would want to believe that if the government wishes to have a dialogue with the opposition on DSH such can take place.”

However, the former Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) chairman noted that, “You as an opposition cannot force the government to come to you and speak to you.”

Dr. Hilaire said if there were any such discussions to take place, the SLP will start with the fundamental principle that “we believe the agreement as it is a bad agreement for the island and there are lot of changes that should be made.”

The SLP said they commenced negotiations on this project but did not rush to sign any agreement because they felt that it was not a good enough deal for Saint Lucia.

The party says that there are still many unanswered questions which they hope the government could answer.

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  1. You HACKS!!!! Stop burring your heads in colours at start looking at this thing objectively. Why character assassination? Look at the issues discuss issues. Attacking personalities will not change what is factual. truth be told there are many unanswered questions that the fact sheet does not bring up and causes be to question the project

  2. Believe me ! Hilaire knows the trouble he and the now opposition put us into. They are regretting that they had introduced CIP which is eventually going to bring our down fall as a sovereign nation. The effects of CIP will gradually unveil itself . The gradual revelation will not be favorable to us. We will be losing all that we ever had ?

  3. Hilaire I think you are suffering from a paranoid delusion smh. Remember Hilaire you can take the cow to weal but u can't force it to drink

  4. I actually thought Ernest had something to offer. Wasted thoughts man...wasted thoughts.

  5. Few speak out boldly... Wonder why? I seems that many have skeletons in their own closets...

  6. Our country bucks have no low level of shame that they can ever feel embarrassed about. They are just like animals. Do and say anything, any time, anywhere, as long as it feels good doing it. Lying and belly dancing are good examples.

  7. The Jufalli agreement was a better agreement.I have read your statement and cannot believe you never used the word "transparency" on a topic of "agreement". Is there a reason for that?

  8. Hilaire, tell us whether Grynberg was a bad decision. You don't know do you. Fact is you know more about DSH in 6 months than you know about Grynberg after a decade. How much debate and consultation there was about our sovereign sea bed that was leased at your leaders whim. Tell us why Juffali was hired as an ambassador? What exactly did he bring to the post? Did anybody profit from his appointment? In St.Lucia today people are not terrified of opposing or questioning a project, thats the difference of freedom.

  9. Yes Hilaire you talking now but you were quiet as a mouse on Juffali. When St. Lucians begged for answers it was the british press and courts we had to turn to.

    Same thing with Roachmel and Grynberg the mother and daughter of secret deals by the SLP.


    • Shut up stupid...talking about jufali get real!! This is an important issue that will affect the whole country.

      • yeah, the slp only talks about important issues. oh wait, when they were in power they never talked about anything. what goes around comes around. get used to it slp. it has only just begun.

    • hypocrity is the slp slogan for the past and future

  10. Hilaire Hypocrite cannot get anymore money from Juffalli as the poor man gone already. He was chased from the CIP. he barely hanging to a seat and now he agitating. Dem volaires really have heart. now the past is biting and doing so really hard. the red mongoose was chased away from CIP chicken coop. now he still envy the eggs. so the best thing to do now is to pretend to give a sheet about CIP. when he was busy planning on getting all the passport money from the Arabs, did that traitor think of lucians. certainly not. man go rest your traitor self for good.

  11. offensive to who? the slp. the agitation will get the same consideration you gave the uwp while in power.

  12. Even if this means that you will have to do this into the next election and when the SLP eventually regains power? Ok then. You have just found something to do to bide your time? Good for you!

    • This project will be completed by the time Hilaire get into Government, if he ever gets there. However, if through voodoo the SLP gets into power before it is completed, all he will say is that the UWP signed the agreement already. Not changing sheet.

    • eventually will be decades.

  13. You are just trying to disturb the calm. The concerns have been explained. We realise that you guys are liars. Let us move on. VFort wants the projects. Helaire you have never been a fighter. The desperation that have you so.

    • Lets be clear Vieux-Fortians do not want the project. They were not consulted; no public hearings were held. I believe this project will not create a substantial number of permanent jobs; take the time and research Atlantic City in NJ and Empire City in the Bronx NY. You will end up with a neighborhood full of crime, junkies and prostitutes. Most of the beaches in the south will be given to the so called developer.

      Whatever it takes to save Sandy Beach and the other beaches for the local population should be done.
      We cannot give the best natural resources to people who are just trying to make a quick buck. Vieux Fort need to raise the money to clean and maintain the beach areas (Sandy Beach etc.) and provide lifeguards. I am confident we can get volunteers. The stadium should be repaired and maintained for the
      benefit of the people. After we have addressed the needs of the local population then we can talk to the Chinese about developing what is left.

      There will be plenty of other areas to build a hotel or two.

      • Vieux Fortians to lazy

      • Do you need a public hearing to realize that more than half of your youth are unemployed? Development is not an attack on beaches as the development can also enhance access to beaches. We are not giving natural resources to anyone except if you consider the oxygen that we breathe to be one. Nothing leaves St. Lucia. There are many hotels here and did we give anything to them that we cannot get back if we want? The lands were leased to the developer, it was not a sale. We have had a 99 year lease of the area before have we lost anything? Instead we got an international airport and a 4 lane highway far superior to what exists in Castries where we spent millions. If Compton had listened to such political fools such as you then we would never have had a dam, tunnel road, Rodney Bay Marina etc.

        I don't think all the crying is legitimate or even necessary. You have one former SLP Minister complaining about loss of land by sheep, goat and pig farmers when he was the minister who actually halted the production of milk etc. at Beausejour. You mean there is no other place that these farmers can be relocated or are these animals endemic to the area? The former Minister is a damn FOOL to call that "loss of livelihood." Meanwhile there is nothing going on in the area but grass eating by animals, farmers and youth. You have people going as far as finding justification to save a ghetto. Seriously???? Wouldn't the relocated person find more equity in the land the he is relocated to? Wouldn't he have better plumbing and a more secure place to raise children plus have an opportunity to get a job for himself and kids? Look here enough with this nonsense. One cannot always expect the best in every part of a deal is what you make out of it that counts. Does anybody know what is or could negotiate "a best deal" for St. Lucia as Hilaire has announced? Stop playing politics with your broke self!!!!

        • Wam there. It was certainly not done by the cheapo chinese. and you cannot compare american standards of building to the shoddy chinese. and rest assured that 99 year lease from the Americans were worth much more than what we will ever get from the chinese. we still have st judes which they built excepting the fire issue. we still have the airport. and furthermore while I do not agree with the SLP and will not vote for them ever, for the sake of our country and our children's future the term needs to be renegotiated. and any Pm worth his salt would have realised that he was being conned by the chinese. and how about the PM's advisors did they not go through the pros and cons of the deal before signing it? We will be paying for Chastanet haste and mistake for a long time if they do not undo that deal.

          • There is nothing wrong with Chinese architecture, however there is a problem with our own building codes and legislation/enforcement. Chinese do not build sub-standard buildings in your country if you do not allow it.

        • SLP is a builder and grow of ghettos. Bruceville, GraveYard, Egard, Bois Patat, Marchand, Grass Street, Four La Chaud, the Cemetery. The list goes on.


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