SLP urges PM Chastanet to clarify proposed changes to CIP

SLP urges PM Chastanet to clarify proposed changes to CIP


PRESS RELEASE – The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) notes the statements widely published on social media on proposed changes effective January 1st, 2017 to the Citizenship by Investment Programme.

The Party is requesting that Prime Minister Chastanet clarifies to the public the varsity of these claims since there has been no discussion in Parliament on any amendments to the CIP legislation.

The Party notes that these changes, as published, can cause irreparable damage to the reputation of the Saint Lucian passport and CIP Programme.

The SLP awaits a speedy response from the Honourable Prime Minister.


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  1. Labour , you refused to answer questions when you were in party. Why asking questions now. All you look like a bunch of ridiculous, childish ,hungry power looking idiots. Shut up and begin to hibernate.


  2. it is stupid really stupid! Why do we allow make political colours to make us stupid. St Lucians stop thinking with your emotions it will get us no where. These changes if true must be debated in Parliament. The government is breaking the law and you see nothing wrong with that. Lord have mercy on us


  3. We St.Lucian need to put a stop to the madness happening in our Country .We need to take our country back from the politicians .


  4. We were asking Hilaire all the time and he refused to disclose anything so shut the hell up. By the way was Jufali's passport from the CIP?


    • Wasn't the labour voted out of office for that reason so why condone it now? Come on people a wrong or evil by any other name remains a wrong or evil.


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