SLP urges Chastanet to stop using popular hotelier’s name in domestic politics

SLP urges Chastanet to stop using popular hotelier’s name in domestic politics
Allen Chastanet
Allen Chastanet
Allen Chastanet

PRESS RELEASE – The attention of the Saint Lucia Labour Party has been drawn to the following statement by Allen Chastanet at a Public Meeting of the United Workers Party on behalf of Dominic Fedee.

“I ask you all one question. If a man who is a billionaire, who makes four billion dollars in sales a year, who employs over 20,000 people, if he has confidence in “Ti Cock” why shouldn’t you have that confidence?”

It takes no imagination to know that the reference in Chastanet’s comments is to Butch Stewart, the owner of the Sandals Hotels here in Saint Lucia.

This is not the first time that Allen Chastanet has invoked or dragged the name of Butch Stewart into the domestic politics of Saint Lucia.

He did so in the 2006 General Elections and on several occasions since becoming Leader of the United Workers Party.

According to the Political Leader of the SLP, “While the Saint Lucia Labour Party is fully aware that Mr. Fedee is an employee of the Sandals Hotel, even as he has announced his candidacy for the next General Elections, the Saint Lucia Labour Party warns Allen Chastanet to resist the temptation to draw the name of Butch Stewart into the domestic politics of Saint Lucia. It is simply wrong, improper and unethical to suggest to the electorate that Mr. Stewart’s approval of Dominic Fedee as an employee of his hotel chain makes him a fit candidate for the next General Elections.”


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  1. I find it rather sad that you guys would accept mediocrity as representation for the youth Mr. Fedee is unimpressive and limited in innovative ideas. I was made sure of this after listening to his ideas about tablets and iPads for the youth because its more practical, advanced and fashionable and yet he wants to cut educational cost lol. According to him that's the new wave of the future. Lets think about this for a second, a laptop is more practical for WORKING we are not looking for toys or fashionable gadgets for children to play, they use them to work and LEARN. Anyone who does constant work on their technological device would agree that most times it is more practical to work from your laptop. More space, more multitasking ability, more functionality I mean come on, to get a fully equipped table to provide the functions of a computer will cost loads of money so explain to me how you are going to finance fully equipped tablets for school children and cut educational expenses at the same time. I will not even tackle the wifi argument he had because it is utterly ridiculous. You want all sorts of amenities but complain tirelessly when the government tries to source funding to provide you with them. TELL ME IN DETAIL WHAT YOUR PLAN IS MR. FEDEE YOU HAVE YET TO IMPRESS ME WITH YOU ILLOGICAL AND SIMPLEMINDED NONSENSE!!!!!!


    • Dr. Long has come up short! (quadruple entrendre! woopee)....That's why you guys are running around trying to replace him!


      • That's why I can't debate with you people!! Don't just tell me he has failed tell me what makes you think that, what failures can you point out? If you notice in my argument I challenged Mr. Fedee's BS and gave my reasons why I thought it was illogical. Can you do the same TET TI LANG???


  2. SLP, that is real shootshayting politics. That is just suitable for only for your born and raised country bucks. From the very top to the very bottom, you seem to be coming more and more unhinged each and every passing day. Man, stop wasting our time! Stop wasting your time, although we all know you have nothing else to do. You are good for nothing else! We are suffering in this counting down to your long, and very long stay in the political wilderness. We are looking forward to the demise of SLP shootshayte.

    Instead of just shooting your characteristic usual shayte from top to bottom, find a new line of work. And very quickly too!

    Only a surprise election now can brake the LPM's momentum. Only a surprise election now can prevent you from not only a loss, but a total lost of ALL your seats to the UWP and the LPM.

    Your days are numbered. Saint Lucia needs to be able to breathe and grow again! The amount of red shootshayte hitting the fans has been stinking up the darn place, for far too long now! Give it a rest.

    Saint Lucians, it is high time to put a dead halt to this political circus of these red circus clowns. People put this ENTIRE set of jokers, from the very top to the very bottom out to pasture. SLP clowns get a new line of work. Get a new line of work rather fast. Get very quickly, a new line of work!


  3. SLP just jealous of Chastanet. They just feel fright in their tail. Go get them Chastanet you're the man.

    I support you 100%.


  4. Thanks St. Lucia, i am elated that you are now beginning to use some intelligence in evaluating information. I mean to use electricity to issue such a statement is outright criminal. Did our taxes pay for any of this, by the way?


  5. To quote one of the SLAP ignoramuses - what a stupidiotic comment by the SLP! Silly silly silly: ah King Liar Anthony - Chas the NET is closing in on you


  6. SLP had get this good. Real good. Real straight. Only the SLP yardfowls enjoying its betters days will NOT get this. But here it is. We the non-SLP voters would pretty much love the see the day when the SLP stop fooling itself that it can on the eve of an election drag the same old foolishness of personal attacks as a substitute for substance. We demand substance.

    We demand that the SLP put before this nation, real concrete plans about how it will extract itself from the series of financial blunders tby the pm and minister of Finance made it inevitable to bring in another clumsy financial measure, the SLP punishment called VAT.

    SLP is three letter shorthand for VAT. Don't try to refute that. Don't even bother to try.

    So we want to know Mr. Financial Genius, when are you going to come with some fresh ideas other than travelling abroad going about begging, ideas that will turn around the economy full of despair, social destruction and murderous despondency? When?

    If SLP does not have anyone with the capacity to do that, stop wasting people's damn time! Hurry up and call elections! The longer you prolong our misery the more candidates will have to find new jobs. Ir is time to put the ENTIRE SLP out to pasture. Tired. Useless. Moronic bloodsuckers!


  7. Didn't they also have a problem with Michael Chastanet publicly endorsing his son Allen some years back, he said, "Allen stay out of politics.[...]" So if there is even a problem when a father endorses his son, I'm not surprised at this press release.
    You came with you big statements i.e. "En Rouge" and "Better Days are here" when you came into party, well all I can say is, "assume it."
    If you failed to deliver then you will ultimately have to give an account to the people of Saint Lucia.


  8. Kenny why u so concern about what chastenet says. U have more things to get correct, not worrying about what chastenet said. Did he say something wrong?


  9. Elections looming large. Our Labour Government and operatives are grasping at straws. Absurd!

    Why not govern by concentrating on getting rid of the economic malaise plaguing our fair Helen. What I can assure you is that Mr. Steward's concern is the returns from his investment in St. Lucia and not the PM defending him on such an issue. Mr. PM you need to come to grips with your failing grade. You are truly devoid of ideas.


  10. It's been a while I've noticed the SLP have been panicking
    but now I am convinced. Small businesses are shutting down
    unemployment all over, break in and robbery, everyday,
    crime and violence is rampant, the Police is under scrutiny,
    fear is running wild, the future is bleak, no hope for school
    leavers, the Jails are over crowded, the Court House stinks,
    People are scared at nights even to step out for a while and
    you all taking about who mention who at political meetings.
    Get a grip man, I thought you all had more respect to peoples
    intelligence. Fear indeed has torment and they are tormented.
    Political Fatigue is setting in. Time for a change, you guys.


  11. I can imagine what the SLP will say if Butch Stewart comes out publicly to endorse Chastanet or Fedee. Will they ask him to live the country? The guy has hundreds of millions of dollars interest in St Lucia and he needs to protect it. This is what our business owners, who are loosing money under this administration, should start doing. Endorse candidates like in the USA. Butch would qualify for citizenship by investment.


  12. I am convinced that this press release is an attempt by the SLP to divert the attention from the police issue. It is really lots of crap.


  13. That's so low and ridicules. Are you afraid that Butch will call a strike in December again. Guys you are show you weakness. maybe Butch control tings


  14. On the question of the confidence people have in Mr Fedee well I have news for Mr Chas-the-net. This man Fedee made a statement sometime ago which I as a St Lucian found very insulting. His contention was as a parliamentary representative he is required to be able to speak and understand kweole. It is his opinion that one does not require that ability when he/she travel overseas on business as the language used is English.

    That may be so Mr Fedee. But that's not all you will be called upon to do. You will have the business of your constituency to look after. You will have to interact with members of your constituency if you want to serve them in any meaningful way. There are members of the constituency you wish to represent whose command of English rangers from poor to zero. How are these people to relate to the person who represents them if they can't understand him and he them? But this os ony half the story!

    There is also the question of you seemingly rubbishing our heritage Mr Fedee. That language believe it or not is a real witness of our past. It testament of our history : where we came from, our present existence and where we are going. Personally I don't you going about redefining the status of this a very important aspect of our culture. Much energies have been expended to keep this language alive. In the process many myths about the language were dispelled. That today you hear it even in parliament is because of hard work and dedication. After we have done all that I don't think we are prepared to tolerate its integrity being reduced by someone who can't fathom it significance to its practitioners.


  15. I never realized how stupid and idiotic the Labor party was until I read this Press. Stop straying from your incompetence and the needs of St Lucia and go to Castanets. You think that Billionaire will support you, please hell to the no, he will do that in Jamaica instead. He is in St Lucia to make money not to give money. Please focus on what you will do for St Lucia and not what the man said. After all the man is not in charge of St. Lucia and you can't question his responsibilities, question yours. You can't trick the people of St Lucia and you sure wont trick the rich man either because he did not get rich by mistake. That man don't need an ass kisser he has had enough of that in his lifetime. I am so fed up of you all nonsense and petty ways and stop writing crap on SLNO.


  16. If Butch stewart does not have a problem with Sandals Hotel being mentioned, why does SLP have a problem? after all Dominique Fedee is an employee of Sandals, these hotels have employed hundreds of St Lucians, and SLP should be proud of that employment for St. Lucians The same as the julien chain work for St. Lucians. Sandals is proud of their employee Dominique Fedee.
    whenever I view obituaries I always see He or she was employed at so and so . for the SLP is that wrong also? Stop behaving childish. I can sense Elections are round the bend because I just cannot watch a Television program without being bombarded with a whole lot of long long SLP boring ADS


  17. breaking news: SLP is now working for Butch as his personal PR. #sincewhendatsyourrole. get a life


  18. As much as I want to agree with this Press Release and say that it is wrong to bring "Sandals" into St. Lucian politics; when convenient, the Labour Party and its operatives will drag you, your family, your twice dead grandparents into politics if it discredits you and serves their purpose. I'm guessing that since there is nothing to discredit Mr. Fedee as a Sandals employee then it is not kosher for Mr. Chastanet to draw such a reference. Politics of Convenience I say!


  19. Seriously!!!! Why dont the SLp deal with the more important issue about the economy. This is ridiculous man. Damn it. You guys need to get a grip.


  20. oh shut the hell up Jadia! arent there more pressing issues to address. The man can call his pal's name. dat burning u and kenny. u working for Butch or st.lucian people.


    • These SLP dummies have run out of ideas other than to call STEP by a new name. Saint Lucia wasted money paying money to Kenny for time in Teachers' College. His best idea about national development is educate children just grow up and become good enough to cut grass. That my friends are our better days and Kenny is our great STEP economic genius!


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