SLP to select new political leader in early October

By SNO Staff

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SLP General Secretary Leo Clarke

SLP General Secretary Leo Clarke

Members of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) will elect a new political leader at the party’s conference of delegates scheduled to take place in October.

General Secretary of the SLP Leo Clarke has said that nominations for all positions remain open until September 23, 2016, which will allow persons enough time to nominate their preferred candidates.

Clarke said he is certain that Phillip J. Pierre, who has taken up the position following the resignation of former Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony, will be one of the persons contesting for the leadership position.

Anthony had declared his intention to resign as the SLP leader and not to serve as the opposition leader following the announcement of the June 6 general elections.

The former prime minister managed to win the Vieux Fort South seat for a fifth time but by small majority. His party only managed to secure six of the 11 constituency seats, losing to the United Workers Party.

The SLP general secretary noted also that the party will be discussing the election lost at the conference.

The endorsed first deputy political leader and Laborie Member of Parliament (MP) Alva Baptiste, along with the second deputy political leader and MP for Dennery North Shawn Edwards will remain in their positions.

The SLP’s conference of delegates will open on Sunday, October 2, 2016 and close on Sunday, October 9, 2016

The activities will be held at the Belle Vue Combined and Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary School respectively.


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  1. While SLP had created millionaires of a chosen in just as many years, they created and cultivated a culture of dependency never witnessed before. Our industrious ways of agriculture was killed by "Black Sigatoka" as they opted for the viv moll days of begging for tourist dollars.

    This they thought would be the quickest way to make money by concentrating everything including carnival to the metropolitan north. They still expected a great "thank you" after they announced they would bring it back to the people of Marchand, who for years had been struggling, even though only $5 could have blocked their holes. Even cultural events such as séances was held at Rodney Bay, over looked by the fiery red Christmas lit mansions owned by forced ripe millionaires.

    As if people just stopped working and joined welfare programs of contracts and STEP, there are numerous examples all around us. I personally know of two young men who traversed the north with their weed-eaters, making good money cutting grass for people.

    But alas, comes their great leader into power and they though nothing better than to take a permanent holiday, working an occasional STEP and the occupying themselves drinking 680 by Dax. By the time elections came around they were re-engaged to occupy seats on contract buses to be bussed all over the island.

    Of course, they were still being fueled with 680 while their bosses drank whiskey as the supreme boss had assured them on the Market Steps " they want me to tax rum?" "I will never do that, that's the last thing I would do!"

    Even though these guys were literally loosing their teeth just like the party, they continued fuelling up their 680. Their assurance soon turned to false hope later 680 would be increased to 720 and a loss at the polls. Good riddance I say, let us do some more cleaning.


  2. The SLP is as un-electable as a bee's behind under the current crop. I would not vote for SLP with Leo Clarke as chair. He has already proven his incompetence to lead and make sound decisions.

    Hilaire is not leader material. That arrogant son cannot be trusted to manage or head anything. The SLP are buffoons to think that Hilaire will fly with the Lucian electorate. So Alva stays...ha!ha! tell me name one thing of note that Alva did as Minister of Airplane Affairs except to take one airline after another with little to no input in the Ministry he was given.

    Word is even the previous Dear Leader was fed up with him. Jadia will probably be his replacement anyways in a few years. So SLP wheel and come again! no amount of reshuffling is gonna fix that mess.


  3. What does SLP business have to do with UWP ?


  4. Bloated egos. Arrogance. Incompetence. An economic track record from 1997 way below what was necessary for employment creation. 14 1/2 years in government and $2 billion more in debt and the attached interest payments.
    Society destroying moral failures who will never have any remorses for how they misled St Lucians and let evil seep into every crevice of society.
    All their choices as political leader are failures.


  5. When you type with words like these it speaks volumes of your intellect. Your content lacks luster as well as the ability to generate credibility. You are just as bad as the persons you are referring to not even making your contribution objective.

    I feel you should take that talent of yours and bring up ideas of how the country and its populace can move forward and see through political gimmick and by extent deceit.
    We lack the level of self confidence to understand that we are a great people and achieve anything and not be dependent on handouts.

    Have you studied the facts and statistics and current MOUs for conducting business as well as staying alive in our region.

    All of a sudden news breaks out and what comes up:

    1. Devaluation of the E.C dollar
    2. The "PULLOUT" threat from the US banks to the region
    3. We now fund terrorism
    4. We cant discipline our kids because the "LAW" is watching
    5. Lower fuel prices but transportation costs are the same

    And the list goes on. What say you on these current issues?


  6. First and foremost that inner circle needs to GO! Leo Clark NEEDS TO GO. There need to be a whole make over from TOP to BOTTOM.
    What do they mean that Alva and Shawn will retain their position.
    Are you trying to make way for Hilaire then? NONSENSE! Hilaire , Kenny, Jadia and Leo Clarke are the reasons SLP lost and if once we have these at the helm SLP I am sorry but you will never never win again! LISTEN to the people! LEO CLARKE do us a favour - STEP DOWN!


  7. I do not belive that this island will ever recover from the scourge of silliness and possible senility of political leadership as in the last 15 years of SLP governance. The fact that the narcissism of leadership left fingerprints over all decisions made, makes for a remarkable historical branding of unbridled stupidity, and comical buffoonery unequaled in the political history of this small island.


  8. Unless and until SLP brings in entirely NEW blood, the same old greying morons full of degrees but not ability nor capacity to think critically will do but, only for the Slp's roadside weed-taking and weed-whacking STEP technologists. Being able to crease dog ears from documents and being able to read speeches are a far cry from being able to think logically and critically. But that has been the criteria used by those with inferiority complex to select from from Oddlum to D.r Jykle and Mr Hyde.
    Nobody in SLP today has what it takes to develop a country. Nobody. Nobody has a vision that any thinking person can buy into. Followers in STEP as lackeys, yard fowls, and hacks are guaranteed. No questions asked. These are not ever able to see senility and buffoonery no matter how often these strike them in the face. We have had two contestants making the pre- and post-election media circus noises. But STEP graduates from the University of the Castries Market Steps, Faculty of Shoot Shate, would readily like to reselect Dear Leader Mugabe again.


    • What's with you people with step? Step is no more. Or is it? And if they want Mugabe instead of tropical trump it's their right. For our sake I hope that Guy Mary Allen Bradley and the rest has the so called vision you speak of.


      • STEP is the brainchild of SLP's idea of economic genius. Such brilliance for job growth has never looked better in the minds of morons. Rub the stench of it in their noses for God's sake. They don't know any better but they have only other morons like themselves other pea-brains left to fool.
        By the way, they have come up with nothing else better since. Ju-laff-at-we died. The SLP money spigot closed shut. Others are still fighting like crabs in a bucket looking for a very quick way to pension and to knighthood in very SLP "safe seats" come October. It galls you that the the higher the monkey climbs, the more it exposes its backside?


      • Short-sightedness beating your tails. You thought is was just about getting a large paid-up investment to get votes when election time comes around. You failed to see that the foolishness would make a lot of people lazy and beggarly waiting for handouts, year in and year out? Well, what can I tell you. The dumb blind were leading the dumber blind. They fell into the pit full of retards, built for retards, by other smarter retards..


    • Leo Clarke, the poster boy for what you highlight and exactly what is so wrong with what passes for leadership in St.Lucia's and regionally. An arrogance rooted in nothing but an inferiority complex. Too many bloated and yet ridiculously fragile egos.


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