SLP to lead St. Jude Hospital protest march

SLP to lead St. Jude Hospital protest march

The opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) will today, Sunday November 26, 2017 march against what it said is government’s inability to properly manage the St. Jude Hospital project and the country as a whole.

The march is scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. from the La Ressource playing field.

After talk surfaced that government was considering the option of demolishing the $80-million St. Jude construction project, the SLP said the United Workers Party-led government needs to provide St. Lucians with a clear picture as to its plans for the St. Jude Hospital and is only confusing St. Lucians with “mixed” messages regarding the project.

The opposition party has demanded that the UWP government immediately re-open and complete the long standing project and said that it will hold a protest march in that regard.

At a meeting with supporters at the Castries market steps on Thursday evening the SLP sought to gain the support for today’s protest.

Vieux Fort North MP Moses Jn. Baptiste told the gathering that the demonstration is a fight against the UWP’s “greed to take away what is St. Lucian”.

“And that is the fight that we have with Allen Chastanet and the whole UWP… We are here to ask you and to ask the people of St. Lucia whether in St Lucia and all around the world, whether you are happy with your country today…?Jn. Baptiste asked.

“We want to explain to you why we must march on Sunday. [We should march] so that we can save also the St. Jude Hospital from the United Workers Party, and from Chastanet, and from Guy Joseph and Mary Isaac,” Jn. Baptiste said.

Former MP for Babonneau Alvin Reynolds used the opportunity to call on Health Minister Mary Isaac to clarify what happened to the plans for a state-of-the-art health center for Anse La Raye.

“This is why you march on Sunday,” she told supporters.

Reynolds also called on the health minister to account for a polyclinic which the SLP had planned in Dennery.

Meanwhile, Castries South MP Dr. Ernest Hiliare called on supporters to march for their dignity.

“Remember also you’re marching for the soul of this country. You’re marching for the dignity of this country… You’re marching against those bogus unemployment figures. You’re marching against DSH… all those projects that this government is negotiating you have to march against it…because we are losing our soul as a country… We have to stand up and make a powerful statement that we’re not gonna allow our country to go any further down that drain,” he said.


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  1. Chas will not loose another election until he decides to give up his seat at the head of the UWP table. So marching and making all this noise makes absolutely no sense. You should not get upset with me for speaking truth based on some easily verifiable facts. First of all Chastanet is firmly in charge of the UWP. He is going nowhere. He has taken over the party. In fact, he did that four years ago. He is not relinquishing power anytime soon. He won an election for the UWP without Compton. Remember how no one had done that before? Well he did. Chastanet comes fully equipped with a network and infrastructure that Ernest Hillaire and Jimmy Fletcher can only dream of. Chastanet has a secure seat and a stable party and a plan. Chastanet is executing this plan. Right on Target. Thirdly, the labour party is less stable than the flambeaus. The party leadership is in clear contention. Alva, Hillaire and even Mussa are ready to cross the Rubicon and stab Caesar PJP in the back at a moment's notice. Remember how Chastenet is stupid? Well he was smart enough to take over a party from a weak leader. Try taking Pip out! Oh yes! The labour party has a weak leader. PJP is the Stephenson king of the Labour party. PJP cannot win an election. I repeat pjp CANNOT WIN an election. PJP will not take the labour party into an election. The labour party wont allow PIP to take them into an election. This means that there will be an internecine war between just about four warring sides. Alva, Musa, Hillaire and Pierre. Which mean that there will be blood. Red flowing all over the place. The knives are already out. Pierre will have to make some serious promises to too many people. And would have to promise to be a one term prime-minister. This wont work. Fourth, get this.....Kenny still wants to be prime minister. He still wants to beat Kenny is biding his time. When the moment is right, he will orchestrate his Machiavellian plan and take back the party. Those who want to be PM themselves, will allow Kenny to do so as it is their shortest path to power. But what does this have to do with the March in Vieux Fort you may ask? Well in order to gain power, the UWP must be softened up, and the base must not loose faith. SO what do you do? You take your biggest wart, blame it on your opponent, and have a grand old march. So march it was. The funny thing is that the minute the March ended, it was realised that nothing changed politically. Chastanet still has a full deck, and the factions in the Labour party still exist. Try harder ye labour party hacks!


    • you really have time on your hands to prophesise. u fail to mention that neither of those that you claim oppose phillip j. pierre are prime minister material. ego maniac material yes. but not leader material. one is a bobol and volaire , the other only know how to do sky miles without touching as much ground as possible. the other one dont even know the difference between leaf spot disease and liver spots. that party in sheet street pal.


  2. There is no need for SLP to have any involvement they were there for four years and now they want to protest
    St Lucians should not support any march involving any polotical party


  3. watch a bunch of jackasses protesting, and some slp monkeys, philip peere is a big jerman shepard, backing even if he knows he wrong


  4. Lucians stop the shit, stop being jacka**%$. you'll have the audacity to blame politicians, who vote them in.? who's here defending them, who's here talking shit all the time instead of finding productive things to do, bout my party is better, my prime minister is better than yours, you'll idiots vote the same party and politicians that screwing ya'll in ya'll a** over and over and running ya'll useless mouths on here and face book. STFUP man


  5. So SLP and Sah Loh Pwee, what you all marching for? go and repent of your sins. the sins of deceit, arrogance, tomfoolery and much much more. Just a look at the picture there is desperation in each and everyone of them. But we are not fooled. We have wisdom, we already saw the destruction that you have caused including at St Jude's. May blessed souls rest in peace.


  6. shame......I could not believe Ms Rey......Shame....Both King and Kenny..shuold be jailed for not delievering a hospital...


  7. Kenny Anthony and his crew --- yesterday's failures who have saddled the economy of St. Lucia with an unsustainable burden.

    Kenny and his crew lost an election fair and square and seems to be unable to accept that simple fact.

    And, Kenny seems to forget that the Internet never forgets, even going back to 2014...

    ... Nor do St. Lucians.


  8. I am a graduate of the University of the West Indies and a productive, hard working citizen of St. Lucia.

    Dem fellas, Dem politicians, sicken and infuriate me. SOOOOOO many dam unemployed youth, so much CRIME, SOOOO much immorality and they brainwash the party followers, with their imbecile and petty politics.






  9. The ST.Lucia Marshor Party SMP should be ashame of their self,they really think my people is stupid ,they always making noise for power,and when they get it they don't know what to do,they don't have a clue what to do,Kenny, PIERRE and Alva should be in Prison doing life,lock them up and then melt the key so they can rot in their.The SMP is good at organizing Cayos and building Ghettos.SMP remember you all can fool some people sometimes but you all can't fool all the people all the time.


  10. the slp should be hiding behind the trees because it was there corruption and incompetence that caused this situation. the slp is surely the party of the blind hypocrits. hide the plywood as they may try to take it back. before the next election


  11. Never think Jenny is not behind that.they are hungry for power.stlucians if Kenny had lucians at heart he would think of their health not every one can afford tapion but every time some one go to St Jude's to see doctor they are sent to tapion for scan and if the family don't have money they cannot go that needs to stop.we need St Jude's back and better health care people cannot afford tapion.sto using that to make money telling people family they need to go for scan and is at tapion and they need one thousand five hundred .tell Kenny and his agents get a life


  12. Perhaps either party or an interested non-partisan individual should do their research as to the role of concerns about bio-security and the siting concerns by both DSH and St. Judes of the point of impingement mathematics in having the two facilities located so close together and the possible health implications.

    These will be multi-million dollar thoroughbreds, not likely a chance that DSH wants to take with such equines., nevermind the possible health implications to patients.

    Ask more. Do the research.


  13. Are these guys serious, you'll made how many promises to open the hospital and you'll never did, but now because the shoe is on the other side of the foot you'll want to demonstrate. This is a clear sign of desperation. Why don't u guys try to have a life.


  14. Shameful Lame Party filled with Slow Little People. Tell me what did they do with St Judes while in power? The answer is ZERO, ZILCH, NADA. You mean to tell me none of these stoogies saw that the building did not look like a hospital? none of them saw the poor state of the work? none of them cared enough that the project was given to local contractor with obviously no clue on how to build a hospital? meanwhile people are not getting proper health care and at st jude's many are not coming back when they go in. This party is so shamful. no one but an ignorant person with no brains will believe this party. I would rather keep my vote, than ever vote SLP in power. never.ever. ever.


    • First of all , do you know how long it takes to complete a hospital?
      Secondly the st Lucia Labour Party , Alva in particular had to go out to find grants to complete st Jude , and they never stopped working on st Jude .
      If dumbasses like you didn't vote for uwp the st Jude hospital would be up and running. Let's not forget that the uwp government stopped the construction as soon as they won the elections.


      • well pal the comment really burn you. You mean if u all had not lost we would have been hosued in an partment block instead of a hospital? shame shame shame and more shame


      • Anti Chas, You made a valid point and asked a pertinent question. But many of the readers are fill with venom and they do not take the time to really analyze or understand your point of view. We in St. Lucia are caught in a tangled web of political tribalism. It is all about emotions and nothing about commonsense and reason. Read the comments and see all the vitriol that exist in most of the readers. Where is the levelheadedness that helps solve complicated problems? Where is the foresight? All we do is apportion blame and thinking that is a solution. We talk at each other instead of talking with one another. We are no different from our leaders because the leaders come from the people. What a shame!

        I hope we can allow reason and commonsense be our guide. If we are honest with ourselves we should all participate in the welfare of our country by making demands to our elected officials. We should not let them dictate to us what the priorities should be; we should give them a list of our priorities and have the act accordingly. This will only come about when we change our tribal system of government. We should demand a constitution reform. The current constitution is not working for us. We need a participatory democracy whereby the people can play an active part in governance and decision making. Unless we don't demand substantive changes we shall continue with the political tribalism that is about to devour us all.


      • Didn't SLP stop construction of everything when they got into power and placed Reneau in charge of all works? Most governments stop work to know the status. So what you wanted UWP to do continue something that did not have a plan and its unfinished bill stood at 118 million. By the way are you insane? Sorry for questioning your mental health but really your reasoning is way way off.


  15. I will take the UWP over you all any day. All what you all marching against is what you all did Alvina Moses Ernest and company you can fool the people sometime but not all of the people all the time.,you all time is over so get over it.


  16. Like where were urll when the shoe was on the other foot...never cease to amaze me about those politicians


  17. Well! Well! Well! Can't believe these fellas. With the track record you fellas left, you all are marching? Stop making the SLP look foolish in the public eye.


    • Reel they couldn't accomplish in 5 whole yrs but at the UWP heels after one yr...I guess the protesters are plain party hacks..I second the notion they look desperate and stupid...Alva u are proving to be an A&&..such a fool that u don't realize the country,s eyes watching.


  18. Stop playing the people.You guys had a chance to fix the hospital and didn't .What's about the Vieux Fort library?We need a new breed of politicians to take country forward.All you politicians just oppose everything.Please come with plans to take country forward.Stop useless arguing with whomever is in government.When a party is kicked out explain where you went wrong and what you will do better if given a chance.For too long politicians just talk.about opposition faults.Talk about how you will.improve Lucia.Down with stupolitics.Talk progress .SLP ,LAMP and UWP unite for Lucia .Work and talk truth.Stop your crap talking.Educate


    • I am a graduate of the University of the West Indies and a productive, hard working citizen of St. Lucia.

      Dem fellas, Dem politicians, sicken me. SOOOOOO many dam unemployed youth, so much CRIME, SOOOO much immorality and they brainwash the party followers, with their imbecile and petty politics.






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