SLP to launch John Charlery’s candidacy on Sunday

SLP to launch John Charlery’s candidacy on Sunday
John Charlery
John Charlery
John Charlery

PRESS RELEASE – The Saint Lucia Labour Party’s Candidate for Castries North, Mr. John Charlery will be officially launched on Sunday, April 24, 2016.

Charlery is a former National Footballer and has been associated with a number of sports organizations in Castries North. He holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Business Administration from the University of Leicester as well as other certificates in Supervisory Skills and development. Mr. John Charlery has been a member of the SLP for a number of years and has worked on previous campaign teams.

The launching will be held on the La Clery Playing Field and commences at 1:30pm.

An entertainment package as well as endorsements from several candidates and other individuals will be part of the official Programme.

The launching will culminate with an acceptance speech by the endorsed candidate and the Political Leader’s message.

All are invited to be part of this exciting journey with Castries North and the SLP.


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  1. You try very hard to be where you are . You black mail dr Raymond to be part of this click. You will now do the Laborite stuff to get what you want . Remember a bachelor comes before a masters get it right. You loose big time lol


  2. Aa. The educated and intellectuals are afraid of Kenny now. He is not getting people to run the seats so he settle for anything that comes. A true baton ba-li- a en rouge.
    Why didn't he take a chance with Jadia, Jade, his self-appointed press secretary Richard Frederick. Anyone of these would get more votes than that John Charlery


  3. @Anonymous ............... You made me laugh ! HA ! ha ! ha! .......... " He lose already. Next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" lol!


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