SLP to host third national Public Meeting

SLP to host third national Public Meeting
Hon. Philip J. Pierre

new-opposition-slp-leader-philip-pierrePRESS RELEASE – The Saint Lucia Labour Party will host the third in a series of Public Meetings on Friday March 31st 2017 on Palmiste Road in Soufriere at 7:30pm.

It is expected that a wide range of topics will be discussed by speakers. These will include:

  1. The controversial DSH project and why in its current form, is bad for Saint Lucia and should be renegotiated
  2. Plans for protest action as government continues to ignore the people.
  3. The dangerous changes to the CIP Program and how these changes compromise the security of our country
  4. UWP mishandling of the economy
  5. The decision to stop the NICE Program and the victimisation and vindictiveness of the UWP.

The night’s speakers will include Political Leader Hon Philip J Pierre, Hon Alva Baptiste, Hon Shawn Edward, Hon Dr Kenny D Anthony, Hon Moses Jn Baptiste, Hon Dr Ernest Hilaire, Ms Emma Hippolyte and others.


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  1. Is that a deliberate foto from SNO?it's actually depicting the hunger and desperation in pitts demeanour...his lack of power getting the better of him!!....its like a zorbie wondering where his next fixx is coming from....bwahahahahahahahahaha.


  2. The following comments are made in a completely bi-partisan nature with a focus on the short, medium and long term view of the economy, safety, and security of St. Lucians and the land we cherish. A land gifted to us from our forfathers, and that we simply have on loan to make better for our kids and their kids...

    These SLP gestures are strikingly hypocritical, desperate, and downright condescending in what they could be read as implying to our nation's electorate.

    As William Shakespeare once said, to paraphrase in the context of his seemingly desperate party's last gasp, 'me thinks he doth complain too much'.

    The Internet, or, more trutfully, the Infinet, captures most everyting that one has ever keyed in, e-mailed, saved on "the cloud", and take your pick of whatever else. Does this party leader have any, any idea, of what may exist on server farms far, very beyond his jurisdiction, simply as a harmless archive of all e-mail, meeting notes, and so on, most of it probably discoverable, accessible and sharable and all pubically accessible?

    The point being, one might express an opinion that:
    --- The DSH development has been in process for several years and has the proverbial DNA of both parties all over it;
    --- DSH will happen, the train has left the station;
    --- The DSH development, oppose it, or don't oppose it, also provides, should a so-called "big tent" approach be taken, to advance broader socio-economic opportunities for our nation that it would have not otherwise have realized.

    Someone else, again, a dear friend and blood here, explained their take on the term what they, quite colloquially, and, very plainly, referred to as "Myth of Ownership".

    I ask you to remember this term --- "Myth of Ownership".

    Simply stated, "Myth of Ownership" broadly refers to where one has possession, custody, duty of care, etc. to an asset (asset, in tis context being anything for a vehicle to a building to land to water rights, etc, you get the idea) and either consciously or by neglect holds onto it for the sake of Simply holding onto it.

    Simply holding on to an asset and neglecting it, taking it for granted, or not being a steward of it is easy.

    One can easily say "It is mine".

    So what?

    What is one doing to maintain it? To be a steward of it? To manage it in a responsible and sustainable manner?

    As Rodney Bay did into the verry 1970's before it became the, literally, world class destination that it did, Vieux Fort (VF) has similary remained neglected and fallow, both socially and econimivally.

    VF has been neglected.

    Plain and simple.

    The seeming present anti-development outcry only re-forces one thing: "Myth of Ownership" --- have something for the sake of having something but doing nothing to care for it, steward it, improves it, and so on.

    In conclusion, one might read , and perhaps very justifiably, remark, "Where were you for all those years when the region, the economy, and the most importantly, the pride of being from VF was so disrespected for years?"

    To be clear, again, as a bi-partisan observation--- It is very easy for one, much like this so-called "Press Release" to proverbially drive one's vehcile with eyes unnescessarily, often time dangerously, fixated on the rearview mirror.

    There is also a time to simply tilt the rearview mirror to check on how one is prepared for the next stop in the journey, and then, to simply beak off the rearview mirror to as to focus and move forward.

    "Myth of Ownership". It's unarguable that deeds speak.

    It's time to move on.

    Only open minds can see opportunity.

    With opportunity comes a future.


  3. LOLOLOL,,,,The commicallity of these press releases are surpassed only by the the crablike narrators of this utter foolishness. Never has a political party been so unpopular in mainstream St. Lucia as this labour party. The fringe supporters resemble the tea party including the marching picketing. Too bad the marchers are not the ones who benefit under a labour regime. Step and nice are the crumbs. Its who sits on the boards receive directorships and consultancies to run carnival. Its 8000 a month press secretaries and the construction company that quadruples in size to the point of blowing up...literally. Remember how you were so against this project, but now want a "renegotiation"? Guess what? The negotiation is not completed...sit down! No one is willing to protest except the people who ate under labout....Calixte George Jr and Christopher Hunte, people who practically have shares in Labour Inc. Go protest next to the guys waiting for work on the construction site in V. Fort...the sit down! You introduce CIP. The majority of St. Lucians are against it, but you instituted it anyway...about a year ago....Chas just fixed what was wrong....he campaigned on have no the diabetes research laboratory, then sit down! The Country was on practical pause for all of 5 years. A lost five years, while you instituted VAT, employed moduro style socialist policies, watched local businesses close, build an 11 million dollar bridge and gave us 1% growth. Sit down! The nice programme would have been stopped regardless....stop lying to the people. You instituted VAT to give us nice. The nice workers were SLP supporters, in fact the nice workers were slp families, there is no way that the programme could have been sustained. In as sense you victimised your own supporters by not giving them jobs in the real economy, but taxing a shrinking one to give them jobs. YOU DONT TAX A DWINDLING PIE...YOU GROW THE ECONOMY. Say what you want about Chastanet, but he is trying to grow the economy. You people were just too in a hurry to drive an Audi to understand that we can all drive Hyundais and feed our families. You got socialism so wrong!


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