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SLP to file motion of no confidence in PM Chastanet

By SNO Staff

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The SLP also wants the Prime Minister to resign immediately. File photo

(SNO) — The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) said it will be filing a motion of no confidence against Prime Minister and Finance Minister Allen Chastanet.

It will also call for his immediate resignation.

The party said this will be done on Tuesday, November 20, 2018 before the commencement of Parliament.

A copy of the motion will be delivered to the Clerk of the Parliament the sitting begins.

“It is expected that the motion will outline the reasons why the public of Saint Lucia should have no confidence in the Prime Minister’s management of the country and call for his immediate resignation,” the SLP said in a brief statement on Monday afternoon.


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  1. Some people in this country are ridiculous if this is how the 'heads' act or respond to their fellow brother then this country will never prosper. Free-will was the worst thing given to animals.

  2. slp really believe st. lucians memory are that short lmao, Kenny was sitting on his hands going no where anytime soon, PIP was P-uppet I-n P-arty, Hilaire and Kenny's screw up after screw up, and is like PIP take moomoo pills, nothing to say, and today magically you will have the brains and gonads to run a country. smdh, PIP wake up!!! the people lost all confidence in you, Kenny, Alva, Hilaire et al, a longggggggggggggggg time ago.

    bringing you guys in will be like hiring a Dj who has cassettes and a tape deck.

    your press releases say it all, you guys are still a desperate bunch of clueless dinosaurs, who have not awoken from your coma.

  3. Boi the the guvelma is rig

  4. SLP to file motion of no confidence in themselves...can they do that ?...hmmmm..

  5. SLP the party of lawlessness and Anarchy. The party of chicken and white rum,you all can file all you want the Prime Minister is here to stay so deal with it. You six losers are like a piece of shit that just won't flush the majority of St.Lucia is fed up with you all please file that motion on you all party it will serve you well.

  6. A slave plantation relic backed up by Smiling Sambos mainly from the deep countryside? Cutlass and hoe people in the 21st century? What else did you expect?

    If anyone of these dotards were in the civil service or in the public service, they would be in retirement!

  7. The SLP can never be trusted. they should never be allowed to govern this land. their greed, selfishness, lies and arrogance are all things that the electorate cannot and will not put up with. this is the slimey little people who have shown that nothing is beneath them if it means they can gain power. we should have a "not confident" motion passed against almost every single member of the sa lopwee party. what a damn shame they are to the country!

  8. “It is expected that the motion will outline the reasons why the public of Saint Lucia should have no confidence in the SLP’s opposition management of the country and call for their immediate resignation,
    Time for the SLP to make some sort of sense or just damn well shut up.

  9. Those guys will do anything in the name of power but it will just be another fail attempt by the slp so sad to know now far those guys will go shameful.

  10. The laugh of the decade. Hehehe!

  11. Former SLP supporter

    I want to file a motion of no confidence in the SLP. I have no confidence in them running the country again. I tried them twice and they were complete failures.


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