SLP still wants to know: ‘Who is really paying for the horses?’

SLP still wants to know: ‘Who is really paying for the horses?’
From left: Teo Ah King, a horse, and Allen Chastanet
From left: Teo Ah King, a horse, and Allen Chastanet

(PRESS RELEASE) — The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) is calling on the Allen Chastanet administration for full disclosure on the recent purchase of horses for the proposed DSH Piton Cup races.

The government has a responsibility to be honest and transparent and to demonstrate accountability to the citizens of the country. In this regard, the statement by Senior Communications Director Nicole McDonald leaves more questions than it answered.

The SLP notes that the government has denied that the initial Framework Agreement was final and had promised to make available a copy of the Final DSH Agreement. This is extremely necessary as it is only through the Final Agreement can Saint Lucians know exactly what our obligations for the DSH project are. It is only through public scrutiny of the Final Agreement can Saint Lucians know the full scope and extent of the DSH project.

In her statement, Ms. McDonald claims that the government of Saint Lucia did not purchase or facilitate the purchase of the horses. However, McDonald failed to inform Saint Lucians who purchased the horses and under what terms and conditions such a purchase took place.

Accordingly, the Saint Lucia Labour Party seeks answers to the following:

1. If the government did not purchase the horses, were they purchased by Mr. Teo AH-King, through the Royal Saint Lucia Turf Club?

2. If the answer is in the affirmative, does the purchase form part of the arrangement earlier announced by Prime Minister Chastanet in a televised interview, that Mr. Theo Ah King is merely upfronting and spending all monies now to be reimbursed through the CIP?

3. If Mr. Teo Ah-King will be reimbursed later as stated by the prime minister, then who currently owns the horses?

4. Who is currently responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the horses?

5. Further, should any of the horses die or become injured does Saint Lucia still have to pay for that horse or horses?

6. And should it be the case that the CIP is unable to generate the monies to repay, how will the government repay the Royal Saint Lucia Turf Club for the horses?

7. If the horses belonged to a private investor, why was it necessary to use official police escort and security for the transport of the horses? Could that not have been handled by private security?

Ms. McDonald also stated that government’s only involvement in the project has been to relocate the Meat Processing Facility. She further stated that the investor would pay for the rebuilding of the facility. However, the Saint Lucia Labour Party notes the orientation of the track was changed causing it to cross the La Ressource Main Road and requiring a new by-pass road to be built.

Accordingly, the Saint Lucia Labour Party also wishes to ask the following:

1. Did Mr. Teo Ah-King pay for the new road since it is the race track which crossed the road and caused the road to be closed?

2. Is Mr. Teo Ah-King going to be upfronting the building of the new facility and will be reimbursed through CIP funds?

The Saint Lucia Labour Party strongly condemns the government’s preoccupation with staging a horse race – which by the prime minister’s own assertion will be a money-losing venture – whilst there are crises facing the country in health care, education and crime.

Saint Lucians are crying out for resolute action and focused approach from the government but instead we see an arrogant and uncaring government hell-bent on delivering on a horse race which was promised by the prime minister.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party is of the view that whether these horses are being paid for by the government or by DSH, in either case it is obscene and unconscionable. Whilst our hospitals are not commissioned as yet and our people continue to suffer and endure the indignity of substandard health care, horses will be well taken care of in our country. It’s an affront to our sensibilities, an insult to us as a nation.

The Labour Party strongly believes that the same effort to have these horses purchased and cared for to participate in a race on our National Day is the same effort that should have been given to complete our hospitals and repair our schools.


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  1. What about the court case?
    Just another SLP (SlaveLabourPolicy) trick on the voters as SLP & UWP continue their secret romance, at Saint Lucia's expense.
    SlaveLabour will protest DSH now, but their plan is to continue it, with some minor cosmetic changes to fool the 43%.
    FREE is the next government here, God willing, and will end the fraud on Saint Lucia that is DSH.
    Nobody else will.
    Its time for,
    Freedom, Rights & Earned Empowerment.


  2. Next general election choices for voters will be based on the following choices. " Horse or Human : " Black or White" : " Foreign or Local" : "Horse Track or Hospital" : "Yellow or Red "


  3. Kenny was in talks with Mr. Teo Ah-King and Mr.Trim for 18 months and we knew nothing about it then U.W.P cam in and we found out about the plans for the horse race track and also about the S.L.P being in discussion with him for 18 months. Back then within the 18 months Mr. Teo Ah-King wasn't investigate, due diligence wasn't done on him not one bit to find out whether he was a scam artist or not. As a matter of fact all the plans he had for the horse race track were good right. Now fast forward to U.W.P being in Government and wanting to go ahead with the horse race track and now Mr.King is a crook, the plans aren't good, the deal is bad, the Government don't know what they are doing and the famous one of them all that's all the jobs they have for Lucians to do is pick up horse shit? I want to know if when S.L.P were in discussions with Mr.KIng if they had ask him to hire Chinese to work in the stables and run the track and if so what would St.Lucians now say? So in my books the only way this project would have been a good one it would have to be done in the hands of the S.L.P. The only way anything good which has ever happened to St.Lucia had to be done by the S.L.P nothing else comes out of U.W.P. Labour and it's people are the only ones who can do anything good for St.Lucia and they can do no wrong. Imagine under S.L.P King had a different deal and under Chastanet it was changed to screw St.Lucians cause U.W.P don't want anything good for St.Lucia. Man you guys are good very good to the point that ya'll make St.Lucians believe that ya'll have done no wrong and can do no wrong so much so Lucians start thinking now that Mr. Teo Ah-King and the horse race track came under U.W.P and there were never discussions with ya'll also that ya'll never had plans to build a horse race track even if ya'll had it in ya'll 2011 manifesto.


  4. I do not give a rat's behind who is in power. As long as the ruling party does not take the citizens for a ride. Kenny's S L P may have started the trend, but this does not give the U W P the green light to continue what the previous government did. ministers are fulling their pockets as quick as they can with our money, while the country is in desperate need. Chastanet and Guy Joseph should stop their corrupt ways . Guy is very, very, bad and there should be investigations into past and present administrations . The time is now to set an example in government corruption including law enforcement.


  5. SLU new online real dirty we. "From left to right, Teo Ah King, a Horse, and Allen Chastenet". The horse's grin though. WTF!


    • That picture needs to win a prize! Check the three of them expressions. That horse better watch its backside the way Chass looking at it.


  6. each time this piere man opens his mouth its always saying something to make people turn against the government. you said that "The government has a responsibility to be honest and transparent and to demonstrate accountability to the citizens of the country." so why when yall were in power yall was hiding juffali and no citizen even knew about it? were yall honest and transparent at that time? i dont think so. stop making people more stupid than they already are that is what yall using against saint lucians just so yall can be in power cause yall will come and do even worst


  7. The Prime Minister must answer those questions so the public can be at ease. If he does not answer or refuses to give an accurate account on this matter, we should force his hands and hold a huge demonstration. desert star holdings is a fraud and should not be trusted with our passport money.Mr. castanet Trump is going down, and if you follow his methods in your government , then your government will be short lived. Why don't you try fixing our health care system, we need this very badly.{please}


    • Deal with it for you and your company cannot do jack about it. Trump ain't going no where mark my word.


  8. uwp is always trying to improve the country from since sir john began making this country what it is today tell !!! wat has kenny do to improve this country the youth need jobs look at how much crime we have but we still not agreeing on making previsions to ensure the yutes who finish school could have something constructive to see the success they have contribute to their situation i thank god that he is my provider but wat about my brother and sister that all we knew growing up in hardship and people who think that life is easy like you tink !! to create employment for st lucians youth


    • yes uh imagine i just heard on radio that when Compton wanted to do the dam for us a set of idiots going and appose the man, right now imagine what would have happened if we didnt even have a dam. these people fail to see the future of things


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