SLP, St. Rose ‘does not stand a chance’ says Jimmy Haynes

SLP, St. Rose ‘does not stand a chance’ says Jimmy Haynes
Haynes (left) and St. Rose

(St. Lucia News Online)
– Former Executive Director of the Soufriere Development Foundation (SRDF) Jimmy Haynes has said independent candidate Dr. Alphonsus St. Rose will not succeed in his quest to unseat Bradly Felix in the Choiseul/Saltibus constituency in the next general election.

Dr. St. Rose announced his candidacy on Monday, Aug. 17 in a statement in which he addressed the impasse that occurred in the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) over the selection process for the Choiseul/Saltibus candidate.

Educator Dr. Pauline Antoine-Prospere was selected by the SLP, a development that fueled anger among the constituents who preferred Dr. St. Rose for the candidacy.

However, Haynes, in a Facebook post on Tuesday, said neither candidates stand a chance against Felix, who is currently the minister for commerce, industry, investment, enterprise development and consumer affairs.

“I have remained unusually quiet in the public sphere on the political developments in Choiseul/Saltibus until now,” Haynes said.

“Dr. Alphonsus St. Rose does not stand a chance in Choiseul/Saltibus against Hon. Bradly Felix as an Independent candidate or as a SLP candidate. The SLP leadership has created its own demon with its horrendous handling of the candidate selection process.

“Further, it is quite evident that their inept management of this simple process is emblematic of their competence and consequently disqualifies them from managing the complex and substantially more arduous affairs of this country especially, during and after this pandemic. They have cleared an easier path for a Bradly Felix history-making victory in 2021. Gallop if you so desire. That is my take,” Haynes added.

Felix defeated the SLP’s Lorne Theophilus in the 2016 general election by 852 votess, according to stats from the Saint Lucia Electoral Department. Felix tallied 2,995 votes while the former tourism minister recorded 2,143 votes.


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