SLP says UWP in “desperate state”

SLP says UWP in “desperate state”
PM Chastanet
Prime Minister Allen Chastanet of the UWP

(PRESS RELEASE) – The United Workers Party is in a desperate state. In their latest release the Party has again tried to mislead the public for their failure to obey the law in that case the Finance Act Section 39. 41.

The issue is not the Finance Build Contract, it’s the refusal of the government to bring the matter to Parliament more than one year after the contract was awarded.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party also notes that the contract was awarded without tender to Fresh Start Construction Company. Party Leader Philip J. Pierre once more re-states the position that legal action will be pursued if the contract is not brought to Parliament for debate in sixty days.


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  1. Labour is a desperate set of hypocrites whose belly is rumbling for the money they can't get from the government coffers. so they cooking all kind of plans and resorting to all lies and nasty tactics to get back in power. that does not work in st lucia anymore. get rid of the current SLP as it stands, 99% of them should be removed from the party including those who have won their seats marginally or those whose constituency populations are so dumb they will vote for a red stick. most of them in that party as it stands are the downfall of the party. the chairman, each and everyone should go if the party is to survive. it will take a really courageous and bold no nonsense person with the interest of st lucia only and not their pockets to accomplish that task.


    • I concur with what that is up there 100%. The entire leadership, those elected and those not elected, in and out of government. The party needs executives in the hierarchy with vision and knowledge. The old crew must go. But look at what they can get right now.

      SLP is scraping the bottom of the barrel. Look at what the cat dragged in. Members of the narcotic ghetto underground? Absentee power-hungry loser politicians? Who is showing desperation?


  2. These SLP old fogies still believe that the entire population is just pappyshow people. Hell no!

    You cannot expect to do the same old crap that got you elected the last time to work on the people again. We are not all tht dumb. SLPs are pulling all the stops. See, how they are bringing in questionable characters with their followers in the drug underworld from the ghettoes?

    On the brighter side, SLP, more people have been paying for their education and to educate their young ones. Taiwan has been educating us. Look at the improved quality of the remarks being made on social media.

    SLP you are going to be laid in the dustbin of Saint Lucia's history. Today, we need people with skills and talent, not the usual losers and the narco bosses of the ghetto underworld.


  3. one day some body have to pay for tax payers monies. and sad thing some jack... lucians help them take more...god will pass his rod in st lucia.....


  4. Oh really? Desperate people do desperate things. With a veiled threat of a coup and the Godfather sitting next to you? Do you think that the majority of the population have brains only to cut roadside grass in STEP?

    Really? The Boss in a red shirt? Who is desperate?


  5. Laba, your desperation shows, SLP will never again lead ST LUCIA. The Lord will humble the SLP. When God humbles SLP who can lift them up?


  6. Stay on them Prime minister. You are exercising your CIVIC DUTY as leader of the opposition and to the citizens of St Lucia to oversee and ensured that checks and balances are adhered to and that cronyism is not the norm in The Chastanet Administration to do as they please with the peoples monies. When your party was in power they cried wolf over every and anything. Now everyone now just expects you to shut up and let them do as they please with no accountability and oversight to the people as if St Lucia is a Fascist State, then again there are many in the UWP Camp who raise their right hand straighten in a salute everyday. Keep doing what you are doing, raise the issues and call them out for it as you dam well see fit. Anyone who has issues with you doing so should be considered an enemy of the state. Remember the motto. When they go low you go high, substance always over hype.


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