SLP says PM is not truthful

SLP says PM is not truthful
Hon. Philip J. Pierre
Hon. Philip J. Pierre

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – Information reaching The Saint Lucia Labour Party is that Prime Minister Hon Allen Chastanet has accused the former SLP Administration of conceptualizing the privatization of the Owen King European Union Hospital.

Leader of the Opposition Hon. Philip J. Pierre categorically denies the statement calling it egregious and may even be malicious.

This untruth can easily be debunked by referencing the Millennium Heights Medical Complex Act that was passed in the House of Parliament in 2015 which states as its objective:

“An Act to establish the Millennium Heights Medical Complex and provide for the establishment and management of the medical complex and for related matters.”

The SLP says that it is convinced that there are no limitations to the Prime Minister’s callous disregard for the truth.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party will issue a full statement on the matter at a subsequent press conference.


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  1. the act was passed and he is right on that issue, where privatization wasn't chosen. SLP is pushing universal health care but UWp is pushing privatization and universal health insurance. I think this needs public consultation and healthy discussion.


  2. SLP last time around could not say anything that was NOT to be taken with a bag, far more than a grain of salt. Now watch who is talking about truth. Really, SLP? Truth? Shucks man!


  3. And the sad thing is his supporters are dead to the truth just as his disregard for it.


  4. Look who's talking......Shame on you. I think you should retire it is about time to collect your social security and leave politics alone because you will NEVER be Prime Minister of St.Lucia. What say you Pierre?


  5. "Before you remove the straw from your brother's eye, remove the rafter from your own".- Bib La


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