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SLP says healthcare in Saint Lucia has worsened

By SNO Staff

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Jno Baptiste said the government doesn’t care about the health of Saint Lucians

(SNO) — The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has said that health care in Saint Lucia has worsened in recent times and is accusing the Allen Chastanet-led government of not paying attention to the health needs of residents.

In a statement delivered today (Nov. 14) by Moses Jn Baptiste, Vieux Fort North MP, SLP chairman and SLP spokesman for health, fisheries, food production and agriculture, the party said it has been informed of a number of matter concerning the health system on the island.

“The Saint Lucia Labour Party has observed with trepidation that recently the crisis in healthcare in Saint Lucia has worsened,” Jno Baptiste said. “On Sunday 11 November, even more physical evidence of worsening conditions at the Victoria Hospital and the St. Jude Hospital has surfaced. The stated intentions of the government for the St. Jude Hospital in the short to medium term is nothing more than ‘madness’ and needs immediate clarification.”

He stated that while the crisis deepens, the commissioning of the OKEU Hospital is showing little progress and being conducted under what he described as “a cloud of secrecy”.

According to Jno Baptiste, the SLP has been informed of a number of matters concerning health care on the island.

He listed them as follows:

1. Medical Services being offered to patients at the Victoria Hospital continue to be affected by inadequate supplies and deteriorating conditions at the hospital. Patients are being admitted but kept in the emergency unit because of insufficient beds, and in some case having to remain seated in the unit for days. Medical and ancillary members of staff at the Victoria Hospital are growing increasingly anxious with the slow transfer from the Victoria Hospital to the Owen King EU hospital.

Additionally, the reported plans by the government to privatize the OKEU Hospital in addition to the uncertainty of the jobs of nurses have created even more confusion and an acceleration of public anxiety about the worsening healthcare situation. Visible proof of falling ceilings and structures within the wards, in particular the maternity ward of the Victoria Hospital, has caused the public of Saint Lucia increased disquiet and fear.

2. It is now two and a half years since work on the St. Jude Hospital project was brought to a halt by the UWP Government, with no good reason provided by the government. The advice of experts has been set aside and instead government Ministers continue to make uninformed proposals about the future of the hospital. The UWP administration adamantly refuses to consider completing the East Wing of the St. Jude Hospital and transfer the patients of the hospital to that structure, which by many professional accounts can accommodate the staff and patients who are at the George Odlum Stadium.

3. The UWP administration has decided that the original St. Jude Hospital structure will be handed over to a foreign private company to be operated for profit.

4. The Prime Minister has stated that he and his Cabinet are considering the construction of a “field hospital” to house the patients and staff from the George Odlum Stadium. According to “google” a field hospital is defined as “a temporary hospital set up near a combat zone to provide emergency care for the wounded.” Why would a government consider such a hare-brain idea, and the attendant cost, when they have been advised by experts that the East Wing of the existing St. Jude complex if completed can accommodate the patients and staff, now housed at the Odlum Stadium?

Are there special benefits for members of government and their friends? Is this what Saint Lucians deserve? Only Allen Chastanet and his Cabinet of collaborators would even consider such absurdity? This idea of building a field hospital to accommodate the St. Jude Hospital has to be rejected with all the contempt that it deserves.

5. Further confusion has been added by the Prime Minister when he revealed that there is also active consideration being given to transferring the patients from the George Odlum National Stadium to the Victoria Hospital.

Jno Baptiste said the government has dug a hole for itself by the senseless stoppage of the St. Jude Hospital Project for the past two and half years.

“So now it is scrambling from one irrational proposal to another absurd proposal,” he stated. “This all demonstrates how clueless is this government in managing the country’s health sector and the business of the country in general.”

He went on to say that the current health care in Saint Lucia affects everyone including health professionals, public servants, business owners, politicians, clergy and their followers.

“We all are affected by the deteriorating health conditions in our country,” he said. “Is the UWP administration waiting for further disaster? Does the prime minister care about the health of Saint Lucians?”

Jno Baptiste stated further that while the UWP administration has put work at St. Jude on hold and bungling the commissioning of the OKEU hospital, it is however spending millions on roads for a racetrack which belongs to a foreign investor who has reduced the prime minister to a puppet.

“Millions more have been wasted in tax waivers and more recently millions to be paid as a result of the mismanagement of the Range Hotel project. Our hospitals and healthcare do not seem to be a priority for this government,” he remarked. “It is clear that the UWP administration and the UWP Cabinet, continues to disregard with callous contempt the constant calls by the people of Saint Lucia to give more priority to healthcare concerns.”

He said the SLP is calling on the “government to urgently return to the commissioning process which would transfer services from the Victoria Hospital to the modern OKEU which has modern equipment and to update the people of Saint Lucia on the status of the commissioning exercise”.

“The government is also called upon to respond to the constant calls by the people to pay attention to the worsening conditions at the St. Jude Hospital and to continue work on the East Wing so as to remove patients and staff from the George Odlum Stadium which has been deemed as unfit to carry on as a hospital by the government’s own health and safety experts,” Jno Baptiste said. “The people of Saint Lucia cannot be allowed to continue suffering and dying while Allen Chastanet refuses to pay attention to their health concerns.”


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  1. ma mem sav sa pou di.. slp.. uwp.. same shit... 5 years we eh have a hospital.. voted out new party comes in.. two years we have hotels going up, horse race tracks and other projects to benefit shass when he is evicted after 5 years... after 2 years no hospital.. i'm assuming after all the talks we should have had a hospital by now but no.. million dollar audit.. guy running his behind about what was not done instead of immediately taking some constructive action.. two years and we are where SLP was left.. good lord help us .. open the eyes of the st lucian pple and let them see past this political sidings and come together and effect a move from the gov't. smh

  2. What many people fail to realize is that the SLP's legacy is always create a mess or a ghetto. The people vote them out. Then they cleverly point out the mess they created and left behind as the sins of those who are elected in their place.

    All of this is both nauseating and unethical behaviour. But by now, the more intelligent among us, just too few in fact, know that these are intrinsic behaviours of those SLP chaps. For them, anything goes, as long as it leads to another power grab. Even joining forces with seamier side and underbelly of society is a good thingl

    The evidence is there. March for a 15% increase for the public servants, and later declare that you were well aware then that the economy could not afford it. Rant about transparency and go ahead and secretly commit the poor country to cough up $150 million for a nonperforming expenditure. The money just evaporates into thin air. Hold talks for the DSH development. Lose the elections and then turn around and threaten to go to court to stop it. Why? SLP cannot put its stamps it.

    The most damaging evidence of the sinking depravity of the SLP came out during the last elections.

    One spokesperson tested the credulity of the voting public. The assinine stupidity uttered from the political platform went something like this. Vote for SLP into government, and we will make healthcare priority #1. It looks like not before. One has to guess. This issue went over the heads of most people up to today/

    Now, do you plainly see the origins of our present-day healthcare misery? It was never top priority.

    Setting a priority such as this does not need an election. No. It just needs people real skills. Not cunning. Healthcare, therefore, took a backseat.

    The people of Saint Lucia were being held to ransom then by the SLP. We perhaps can expect to get good healthcare if and only if, we vote for SLP as the government of the day again, and not before.

    SLP just plainly shows that at almost every turn, it is just basically an unethical political party without any kind of moral compass.

  3. Finally!! A logical comment from someone. Bravo my friend

  4. Don't worry about our health now Moses you NEVER did before,we all know when you fall sick you will run to the big USA so back the hell off sore loser.

  5. These comments never fail to amuse me. When will people understand that these 'systems' are designed to keep us divided. We're here blaming the last administration just because this administration did the same thing. It's like arguing with your girl about something she did just this morning and she points out that you left the toilet seat down 5 years ago....

    This is childish rationale. You lot were pissed at SLP so you voted them out. Great. Now your party is just as bad. Blame your party, call them out, deal with them. Stop looking at the lot you voted out and pointing fingers them. last i checked they're no longer in power. Admit you were wrong too. Go ahead, you can do it.

    All these political parties are the same. Same bs, same rhetoric every 5 years. Bag of empty promises. Until you hold them accountable, nothing will change. We in St.lucia accept the least and are quick to talk. Stop it. Hold you reps accountable for their failed promises. Stop being used. This is the most incompetent administration ever. I've seen in the past some ministers that were just bad, but overall the rest were decent. Not this lot. Incompetence run supreme.

  6. Our ministers of health especially in the past, did NOT know one fig about health. Everybody is blaming the current situation as if it just happened overnight.

    When the SLP was making OPEE-ARGE, giving foreigners $58 millions here as with Frenwell, $150 milliion there, as with Grynberg for nothing, our very en rouge blind bats could not see that we could have been shoring up or deteriorating health infrastructure. No. Our country bucks, you see, know nothing about development.

    These ignoramuses don't damn well read. They only know one thing, which is, the plantation cutlass and hoe for employment for their lackeys. En rouge, today, is coming to bite all of us in the tail. "He who knows not, and knows not, that he knows not, is an ass".

  7. Oh course Chastanet and his cronies don't care this is not where his family goes for their primary healthcare like most of St Lucia's upper crust they jet off to Miami, New York, and Martinique. I will bet my last dollar, Allen Chastnanet has NEVER been treated for a mosquito bite at any hospital in St Lucia since the day he was born. This is poor people sufferation, there is no rush to it. Case and point, "a field hospital" I mean like really ?? The absolute shame of it and the beat goes on The United Worthless Party. Which Caribbean island, besides Haiti that has a field hospital you tell me ?? Correction the UN has pulled out from Haiti. OKEU was a [GIFT] to The People of Saint Lucia and look what they are trying to do with it; instead of giving it to the people. That's why he can't go to the European Union with his tin cup, he would have to answer about OKEU.

    • you fool, why is chastanet alone u pointing finger on, has kenny ever treated a ant bite in any of the hospital in st.lucia, SLP that coursed the health care the way it is today, and u'll want to blame UWP government,jn baptiste, just like to beat his a$$, and u helping him

  8. I knew it was coming! Claude "Poppie"Paul and the CSA followed by Moses "Musa" Jn Baptiste and the SLP. All planned. Fill so sorry for these Civil Servant. It has not worked before and it will not work now.

  9. You gave them chicken and a lot of rum, so what do you expect. Good health

    • Haha. so true

    • I agree. Remember the famous speech on the Market Steps "They want me to put a tax on rum. I will never do that." Followed by loud cheers. Well right now young people are stabbing each other after boozing on white rum. WE HAVE A POTENTIAL EPIDEMIC WITH WHITE RUM CONSUMED BY OUR YOUTH and nobody is noticing. That just shows how irresponsible KDA could be in his quest for votes. In 1987 De Invader sang a song about Victoria Hospital:

      "Its better to have a small hospital
      Than to have no hospital at all
      right now if you get a headache
      by me you cannot get a phensic....... and the roof leaking in the Baron Wing."

      "And it will take another 10 years to get a new hospital down here"

      Now that was in 1987, 31 years later we have a new hospital but why haven't we moved in? It is because of political shortsightedness, especially the labor government who was there for the most part of it. The fact is we can't afford it and all the politicians know that. What is required is for insurance companies to fund our health care and have health care for all. However, political fear mongering is threatening the process again. We have the current government looking for options but in the meantime the opposition is undermining the process by spreading fear: "they want to privatize the hospital."

      So what would you prefer a privatized hospital where medical expenses are taken care of by insurance or owning a hospital that you have to maintain, and spend upwards of 80 million every year and still pay for your medical bills.

      Thats the "no brainer" that political clouds raining down "Finish the hospital," "They want to privatize the hospital" and "Heath care is getting worse" is muddying. If it was like that in 1987 when Lansiquot was collecting and in 2008 when Stephenson was collecting how is it much worse now?

      People have grown accustomed to SLP fear mongering like "Dam that Dam" and "Tunnel Vision" which turned out good for the populace. And we have also grown accustomed to SLP bullying their successors into fixing things after SLP leaves office, e.g. Health Insurance, Health care, IMPACS, Grynberg, etc. It is therefore up to the current administration to fix health care and we must ignore this disruptive and divisive force or else nothing will be done but only promised.

      • Well said. If only the SLP leadership had been blessed with a modicum of common sense, Lord. Just a little. You know? Perhaps, then we would not have to endure such a plethora of the mindless political drivel, from those "experienced" in so many degrees of ignorance.


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