Chastanet’s position on health care financing ‘very surprising’ – SLP

Chastanet’s position on health care financing ‘very surprising’ – SLP

PRESS RELEASE – The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) says it is very surprised by Mr. Allen Chastanet’s recently adopted position on health care financing.

According to the SLP, it is very hypocritical and self-serving, that Chastanet would have supported a decision to abort Universal Health Care whilst he served in Government and further reject the SLP Government’s offer to form a Joint Parliamentary Committee on Health Care Financing, only to bring the matter to a political platform as a promise in exchange for votes.

It is sad that Chastanet’s narrow political interests do not allow him to see beyond his selfish ambitions and to realize that health care financing cannot and should not be a partisan issue.

Chastanet should have instead, used his influence during his time in Government to protect the Universal Health Care Program which commenced under the Labour government, if he is indeed so passionate about the issue. Even after such a colossal error was made by his Government, the UWP now in Opposition was given an opportunity to redeem its error and to work through a Joint Parliamentary Committee to attend to the issue of financing health care. Sadly, the UWP never responded or even indicated an interest in this national initiative.

On January 12, 2015, Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony wrote to the Leader of the Opposition to follow up on a proposal made in the House of Assembly on December 16, 2014. To date, the Opposition has not recommended its members to be part of the Committee.

A further call was issued to the Opposition on March 19, 2015, to which the Opposition has not responded. Indeed, the Prime Minister, in an effort to maintain the independence of the Committee, had recommended that Former Prime Minister and Parliamentary Representative for Castries North, Hon. Stephenson King chair the Committee.

It is, therefore, hypocritical, opportunistic and self-serving that Chastanet would use the issue of healthcare financing as a campaign tool, after ignoring it for nine years.

The SLP calls on the Leader of the UWP to be more empathetic and to show more regard and respect for the well-being of the people he seeks to represent. Chastanet should begin by admitting that it is wrong to sacrifice lives and the quality of care in the short-term, to fulfill his personal political agenda. Only a heartless person would go this route, as opposed to accepting an invitation to begin to address the issue now.


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  1. Everything slp is doing wrong they find a head to hit on . they are now passing the blame to allan like he was the pm . Do not worry he will be responsible for taking this administration out too.


  2. Elections round corner SLP is on every front page....I wonder what will be da chant this time? Is it EN ROUGE...cause st.lucia is now in the red zone....CRITICAL STATE...I hope the chant is SOS this election..


  3. Is that all SLP can do now, send out press releases? I am tired of reading press releases which to me make no sense. There is nothing important for slp to debate, so they keep press releasing everything.


  4. Did Mr. Chastanet prevented the SLP Government from pursuing Universal Health Care? Know to be desperate, is the government lying about Mr. Chastanet. I have heard from the SLP that Chastanet is against CIP and this is not true.


  5. I wish the SLP would focus on what people care about then this garbage press releases. Let the public decide chastanet's fate. You are the ruling government right now so do the damn country's work and address the bread and butter issues then releasing this crap. I am in no way a UWP supporter just a young person disgusted at how our leaders behave.


    • Leaders lead. Others shoot shate.

      Those of us who are smarter know this. With no maturing projects to crow about SLP can only try very hard to deflect attention from the glaring fact that it is bankrupt of ideas to grow the economy. It callous and wasteful spending has made borrowing more expensive. Its friends like Fidel Castro and Maduro backs are to the wall.

      SLP internationally has allegedly antagonized it former friends the UK, the EU and the US. Taiwan is only on board because it wants our support in its fight against Mainland China. The world economy is contracting. So says the IMF.

      CIP has been a non-starter except for those who stand to benefit from allegedly lining their pockets from selling our passports to alleged questionable characters. CIP is just about selling passports. That is why the UK is taking a subtle stand against Saint Lucia.

      Some of the rats are already bailing out, or securing safer havens than elective politics.

      Because of all of these, the SLP is facing a dim future. The issues are to boiling point as they are coming to a head.

      Those who only boast of titles but nothing else are becoming unhinged.

      These incipient mad men can only shoot shate. Therefore the shoot shate PR are flowing with greater and greater intensity.


      • You are right.
        I think all the names and jokes subjected to Chastanet and the UWP by the SLP and their Kool aid drinking gang, in my opinion is a desperate attempt by the SLP to side track the nation.
        These ppl know they have not delivered what the people really want and the best way they can take out the spot light off them is to resort to very very cheap, immature and personal attacks.
        If SLP thinks they are the stronger party , then leave UWP to their own demise and focus on what you can do for the country.

        The SLP want to present themselves as a party with control and no division, but some of them must be tofaying inside and cannot say gowek.

        I can honestly say in my opinion that St.Lucia is not even poised to be a dominant force particularly in the Eastern Caribbean. I think we fell a few notches.

        There really is no out of the box ideas , no innovation by this government.

        It is like you just going round and round and round, while so called degreed men and women stoop to all kinds of level to defend a very dead, no ideas government.

        The manner some SLP supporters lower themselves to all kinds of level with no objectivity, is a complete turn off for me.
        Some of us are turned of by your party particularly the hacks childish behaviors.

        When the UWP was in power there was global recession and the economy took a turn for the worse, but Kenny presented himself as a knight in shining armor , fooling some gullible St.Lucians who did not have the common sense to realise that it was a ploy just to ensure he gets back the reins but he really had nothing to offer.

        Time to retire , time to go. Cuz this SLP government literally bankrupt of ideas.


  6. I would like the Labor Party to explain in detail what is Universal Health Care. Most St. Lucians think that it is free health care, but the catch is using UHC to finance the health care system. The UHC is like a group insurance on a national scale. You pay every month, that when you go to the hospital, according to your account balance, your treatment is free.


  7. Well said LADY. Fool the people by putting Hon. Stepehnson King as chairperson just to play for time. Year after year I hear Dr. King talking health insurance and they not taking him on. He is a Senator. But more importantly why is the SLP obsessed with Chastanet. They were voted in to do a job of properly running St. Lucia. Do it and stop maccoing Chastanet. I suppose when one is stumped one has to look for every wind that pass to create a diversion.

    Since the time the government have two hospitals to open and up to now nothing par ca fait. Kenny study the EU and France and England that coming in March to see if you do your home work. Is that to study not Chastanet. If not detention for you. Its sad though as poor Helen and all of us go pass in dat


    • Just note: anytime Kenny is out to destroy someone is because he sees potential in that person and an opponent who is more worthy than himself and so he goes all out to discredit that person's credibility. Kenny always pick at the strongest link to break the chain that is why his tail in in trouble with the USA today.


  8. Only those without the necessary intelligences in the plural will be surprised. Rote learning of case law does not make one intelligent. You might be knowledgeable enough to wow those who only value regurgitation as education. That is why when put the real test of real life such people like most of the graduates of Teachers Training College continuously make enormously egregious blunders. Critical thinking is alien to their nature. Those too dumb to know better make excuses and give that a pass. That is why the report says that Saint Lucia is populated with large numbers of pure idiots.


  9. All the SLP seems to remember is that they wanted to form a "Joint Parliamentary Committee on Health Care Financing"...they purposefully chose Hon Stephenson King to chair the committee as they knew that at that time he was having issues with the united workers party as he was not chosen as the political leader. Who does the SLP think they are fooling? If they had any plans, they would have implemented them already...This is a FAILED government.


  10. SLP you all know very well in 2006 you all rush to implement a alleged fake UHC system. It was all about the software potion of the UHC only, now only the health centers using it, when millions was spent on the software from a company from Canada under the leadership of EH.

    There was no system to finance it. You all always had VAT as the finance mechanism had you all won the elections. The whole system had to be reviewed after UWP came into office. The Barbadian lady along with another St. Lucian MH had to be brought in to clean up your mess.

    you have been in office for 4 years plus now still nothing. Stop trying to play like you all are so interested in the peoples health .Look at the state of St. Jude Hospital, and Victoria hospital what program you have in place to start the ball rolling, don't try anything fake thing now. It wont work. Remember just before election KDA broke ground in VF for a craft center where is it may I ask. Cant fool me no more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. surprising ?
    what is surprising about Allan Trump he don't need our health care system because he can fet it free in Canada or pay for it in Miami.


  12. Chastanet always talk from both corners of his mouth.He is an alleged opportunist so expect anything from him.


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